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Just a bit from The Moon-kissed Chi, book I of the Kalaydan Chronicles.  I thought a nibble of things between Maëb and Trendo would be a lovely condiment for my contribution this week.  Maëb is matron to the ruling household and comes by that title by virtue of her tremendous talents.  Trendo is her bedsworn and has talents of his own.  You’ll be introduced to his unique talents in book two.  Read more nibbles from this, my first erotic series.

He said nothing, his mouth still full of nipple and breast. She worked the other nipple with her thumb. Her tunnel gripped his rod with all her strength.

Maëb and Trendo spend a little quality time after he returns from teaching a few lads to stop cock.  Stop-cocking is the skill every male and female must learn on Hëhrth, the world on which you’ll find Kalaydan.  The skill allows them to pull in their virility so a female cannot drain them fully.  A woman learns to stop-cock her use of chi and her pull on virility.  Women can manipulate chi, men as a rule, cannot.


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Excerpts from recent reviews of The Moon-kissed Chi:

“. . . . the sex scenes sizzled.” Kiru Taye
“an interesting mix of humor entangled throughout, as well as some smoking sex scenes . . . .”  Close Encounters with the Night Kind
“It appears that this society is highly sexual.”  Lynn Reynolds
“. . . allow this mystical realm to envelope you as it did me.” Gypsie M. Holley, BTS Book Reviewer August Issue, pg 52.
“. . . the plot was quite original.” Pink Skulls
“You can put me on the fan list.”  Read Between the Lines


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