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Content below the cut is not PG-13 ~ September 18

Remember The Phantom Lover?  Well, here’s another snippet from that work in progress.  Read more snippets from this slowly evolving bit of succulent naughtiness.

My fan, fluttering insistently in the Texas summer heat as I sat stewing in the buggy while I waited for my husband, stopped as the black conveyance rolled by. The beveled name of Sayer and Scovill revolved with the hubcaps of the large wheels. My nipples hardened, excited, arousing my nethers, as the chilling warmth embraced, then released me from the clutch of the carriage’s wake.

Here we have Ruthel’s first encounter with something darkly sensual and she has yet to fully experience the full scope of the power contained within the passing carriage.  I hope to throw in a few heaving bodices here and there as well.


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