Content below the cut is not PG-13. Horny Hump Day ~ August 14 Rewinding to, A Ghostly Tale or Two, Ghostly Tale II, again this week.  One more nibble can’t hurt, right?  Andrew, Kara’s deceased husband, reminisces about one of his and Kara’s earlier encounters.

Back to that day. I took you roughly, the first time I stuck my throbbing hard-on deep in the well of your desire. You yielded and allowed me to use you thoroughly then you took me to task and used me thoroughly as you wrapped yourself around my body, around my heart, and around my soul.

There were so many positives in their life together before Andrew’s death.  So, why did his death affect her so hard for so many months?  Sure, one mourns the loss of a loved one.  Well, that’s one of many reasons you’ll need to read the book once it comes out.  Read more selections from A Ghostly Tale or Two, here.

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The cover on the right reflects A Ghostly Tale II (working title) and is the Amazon Cover.  The cover indicates the story which will appear first in the completed book. The cover on the left is the Smashwords cover and reflects A Ghostly Tale I (working title).  


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