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Horny Hump Day ~ June 26

Hi!  I’m glad you popped in for a visit today.  Do you remember Ailbhe and Ciara?  Well, Ciara and Ailbhe share Braydon for the first time since Ciara’s rescue.  Read more posts on my endeavors on this work in progress here.

‘Aile, does this do what I think it does,’ Ciara asked as she squeezed Braydons stanchion to get the heft of it.
Braydon groaned in sheer pleasure.
‘And, more,’ was Ciara’s response.

Ailbhe and Ciara are two travelers from a world which was colonized many centuries ago.  They find themselves in a predicament on the world from which their forefathers had traveled. On their world, all men had been extinguished by a mysterious disease and all efforts to produce males had failed. They’ve returned to capture at least one specimen and return home with him.  So, I guess you’ll have to stop in again to see where the trio goes from here.


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Left to Right: Arrinay, Grayt, Gayadnae and Bezhyanya.

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