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Horny Hump Day ~ June 12

It’s been a while since I posted here.  I’ve been battling a trial by computer.  But, things are back up and running, fortunately.  The snippet below is another of my scrawlings in The Phantom Lover story idea I’m toying with.

Ruthel, all knotted nerves and fevered flesh, yearned for the whispered touch she knew would come.

Surely he’ll come to my bed and fill Herschal’s space.

The curtains billowed into the room just before the anticipated touch moved slowly over her glistening skin from the instep, along her inner leg, pausing at her grotto of passion then continuing on, coming to rest on lips recently moistened by her tongue.

If Herschal only knew why his wife was always an animal in the sack when he returned from a trip, he’d be thankful for the time away.  Check out other posts on this endeavor here.


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