Wow! A review of yours truly’s, The Moon-kissed Chi. After reading this review, how can you not go out and buy the book? *waggles eyebrows suggestively*


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It has been several years since a war restructured the Society of Kalaydan. The ruling line for the planet are human women with an affinity for wielding a power referred to as Chi. Though there are several flavors of Chi in the world all are intricately connected to sex, virility and procreation. There are apparently a couple of non-usual humanoid races on this world. The environment boasts of few technologies beyond running water as it seems people get around be foot or horseback and still carry blades as their primary weapons.
There does seem to be some technology not commonly used, or is it magic? The Chamber of Power seems to allow the ruling line of matriarchs to enforce their will or energize their forces, it will likely be cleared up in future works. There is a lot of sex that occurs in this story and revolves around a household…

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