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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author Delena Silverfox ~ Erotic Historical Romance

First of all, thank you to Grinelda for hosting me today. And thank you to everyone for stopping by and visiting my guest blog.

So, a little about myself. I’m married, but with the hours the spouse works, it feels like I’m a single mom. I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling. My toddler’s a delight, though, and she’s completely brilliant. Too brilliant, sometimes. She gets the better of me. If she and the cat ever stopped fighting over toys and suddenly got along, I’d be in a world of trouble.

If you ever wanted to utterly win me over, buy me good sushi. I’m powerless against it. And the more wasabi, the better! It’s not perfect unless I’m crying from the sinus explosion of wasabi goodness. And being that I’m rather introverted and not much of a conversationalist, there’s just something about the magicalness of sushi that brings out my gregarious side. Yeah, I don’t get it either, except that Sushi = Happiness.

When I get to sit by myself, with sushi, and write, that’s a little piece of Delena heaven. With a toddler and the somewhat-single-mom life, while working at home and going to school full-time, having any type of routine is not possible. For me, anyway, it’s not. If the toddler gets down for her nap at noon and dinner’s at some point after her nap and before bedtime, I feel accomplished. But when she’s all tucked sweetly into bed, I can settle down and write. After homework is done. And editing. And writing articles for other writing blogs. And dishes. And laundry…

So I suppose you could say the day-to-day sabotages my writing, and sometimes it does. Mainly, though, it’s always been this way: finding time in the margins to hunker down and play with the words in my head. When it’s all on your shoulders to raise the kid and maintain the house, keep up good grades for that degree, and not fall behind at work, when is there time for creativity? I squeeze it in the margins of my life; I write on Sunday evenings, when everything else has been taken care of, and at 3 a.m. when the work is done, and during the munchkin’s nap if I don’t pass out, myself. Somehow, I manage to write books this way. Don’t ask me how.

Funny as it sounds, it’s the need to write that’s prepared me for this grueling lifestyle of single-WAHM-author-supermom. When I was three, I taught myself how to read. The words came together and just started making sense, with my alphabet magnets and trusty Speak n’ Spell. I was the infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters, bashing out letters and listening for the Speak n’ Spell to say something that made sense. It was trial-and-error, I suppose. In middle and high school, I’d write all weekend, most of the time for eighteen hours a day, bashing out horrible plotlines until they got better in that same trial-and-error way. That’s just how I live and write now: trial-and-error. The drive was always with me, from those first days with my magnets and spelling toy.

I still feel like that beginning writer, fiddling around with the tools I have available and seeing what works. While I’m only starting out in my published career, what I’d love is to have the chops to be one of those amazing authors the Smart Bitches talk about when holding up an example to emulate. Yeah, I’d love to be one of those authors. Winning a RITA would be nice, but not being slammed by the Smart Bitches should be it’s own recognized awared, I think.

Book and Blurb:

For the interview, I’ll be sharing Of Hallowed Fiends and Darkest Fortune, a novelette and my first published work. I chose this one because currently I’m working on the full-length novel, to which Of Hallowed Fiends is the prequel.

I think it’ll have it’s select readers who understand the delicate relationship of two people in a burgeoning D/s dynamic. It’s definitely not for everyone. My hero is rather a jerk, starting out. Many in the lifestyle will find people who think of themselves as good Dominants and are, in fact, just jerks. This is a story of redemption and finding the mythical balance of the feminine and masculine. There is power in surrender, and it is through surrender we can truly understand compassion. But it’s an uncomfortable road, and I wanted to capture that with this novelette.

The title is actually the title of a poem in the story, and the characters quote small passages of it back and forth. The theme of the story ties in with the theme of the poem. I had hoped to add the poem in its entirety within the sequel, but I think it may limit the scope of the story I’m trying to tell.


She was the spoiled only child of a wealthy country lord, with a reputation as “used goods.”

After rumors of her running wild at night with a commoner in taverns, Anya is drugged and forced to wed the Duke of Eodel, the wealthiest and most powerfulbookcover 01 Lord in the kingdom. When he strips her naked and whips her through the streets of Eodel for the marriage procession, she is humiliated. After weeks in his dungeons, her defiance is exhausted and she despairs at her fate. Once she is delivered to her nuptial suites and locked inside, Anya comes face to face with the darker side of her new husband.

He is a cynic and a sadist.

More than his reputation was on the line when the Duke of Eodel wed the lowly Earl of Allimor’s strumpet daughter: untold wealth was his for the taking. All it would cost him would be to wed a wild, spoiled brat in the habit of throwing tantrums when she didn’t get her way. In his cruel instruction he finds the pleasure he always derived from a woman’s pain as she slowly broke beneath his ministrations, but with Anya he finds something troubling. As she goes deeper into her own surrender, her beauty and passion move him…


Hallowed Fiends and Darkest Fortune

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