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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

Author Cree Walker ~ Paranormal Romance

So nice of you to stop in for a visit, Cree.

Hello my name is Cree Walker and this is my first visit as a guest at Grinnie’s Featured Authors and I’d like thank you for having me. My life is pretty busy and often revolves around work. As do most authors I work a separate day/night job as an advanced psychiatric technician were my vast and somewhat impossible job responsibilities keep me on my toes both mentally and physically. At five feet two inches tall I wasn’t the first choice for the position as nighttime hospital security but like a lot of my female characters, appearances can be deceiving and I take my job very seriously when it comes to safety.

Finding the time to balance a very stressful job and writing has become something of a challenge for me in the past year, especially now that I have two releases happening so closely together but without children and a pretty self sufficient and 100% supportive soul mate at home I get by pretty well.

I am an independent person by nature so when I’m not working at the computer or the hospital I spend a lot of time outside hiking in the beautiful northern Maine woods surrounding my home. I live in the part of Maine nobody ever really talks about but having literally been raised in the woods here I have an intimate knowledge of the land and not only love it but also appreciate its untamed beauty. On my hikes I often bring along my ever ready partner in crime a twelve pound black and white mini rat terrier named Titan. For anyone who’s read my latest release this little pup may sound familiar and for a good reason. Like the main character in A Winter’s Grave I wasn’t expecting to get such a small little dog but just like Ceres in the book I fell head over heels for my tiny Titan as soon as he arrived in my life.

I am a firm believer in the old adage that those who do not have the time to read do not have the time to write. I read an average of four or so books a month and I stick primarily to paranormal romance. Recently I’ve found a new favorite author, Molly Harper and I am working my way through her publications as fast as I humanly can with my busy schedule.


What would you do if you woke up in the snow with absolutely no memory of who you are or how you got there?

What would you say to your savior when she tells you that not only are you now dead but you’ve been chosen to become a Grim Reaper?

Ceres is working to piece the slivers of her former life together from fractured memories, all while learning how to stay off her demon Mistress’ radar.

Ceres may have been qualified to become a Reaper, but that doesn’t mbookcover 01ean she’s very good at it. From her catastrophes in becoming a Reaper to her inability to maintain a day job, Ceres and her tiny Hellhound aren’t doing much to impress anyone in the house, especially Gavin, the head Reaper of their Wake.

Gavin and Ceres may have gotten off on the wrong foot but there is something about her that he can’t ignore. The problem is he’s not the only one interested in her but what Ceres soon finds out is that their Demon Mistress has laid claim to Gavin and she’s told Ceres it’s hands off.

Does Ceres accept the fact that their Mistress is trying to force Gavin into her own patiently waiting arms or does Ceres risk her afterlife in order to save his?


A Winter’s Grave


I’m giving away an one ecopy and one signed paperback copy of A Winter’s Grave  to two randomly selected commenters on the day of the post. To enter, please be sure to include your email address in your comment.

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