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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author Ashen White ~  Erotica

Ashen, so glad to have you here today.

Hi Grinelda, and thank you for having me on your blog. I am very honoured!

First – a little bit about me and my work.  I was born in the North-East of England (Geordieland to those in the know 😉 ), and I currently live on the edge of Toronto, with my two long-term GF partners, and our two cats.  My family was somewhat peripatetic – the Romany in us – and we moved around Europe for a few years before finally emigrating to Canada in the mid-90`s, where I met my partners, one in high school, and the second at Uni.

My main hobbies revolve around my creative process – reading, writing, listening to music.  I wasn`t gifted with the ability to draw/paint, but had a way with words that I soon became quite proud of.  I love to read fantasy and horror, but also have a penchant for biographies and real-life crime stories.  That kind of ties in with my Uni studies (psychology, criminal psychology and criminology), although I spent as much time studying the esoteric as I did my majors!  My family has a long tradition of fortune telling and tarot card reading, going back into the 1800’s, and I really enjoy studying tarot and numerous other arcane arts.  When I’m writing, I like to listen to new age music – Oldfield, Enya, Rife, etc – and when I’m letting loose, I get my groove on with Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, and a plethora of my dad’s progressive rock albums.  (I’m not sure he knows how many of his albums I actually have!! LOL)

I’d love to think I was a happy-go-lucky type of girl, but the truth is I’m pretty driven, especially by the RLJ, to the point where everything else – including my writing – tends to take a back seat.  I’m working hard to turn that around, so that the real focus of my life can be my wonderful partners, and my writing.  Those, to me, are so much more rewarding on a number of levels than the RLJ will ever be.

I began writing my first novel when I was about 8, and have been writing on and off pretty much ever since.  I am determined to become a huge best-selling author, but, like most of us, until that happens I have to perform the Real Life Job, which, fortunately, keeps me nicely in tchotchkes!  Erotica was not my first choice as a genre, being honest.  I was going to be the next Tolkien! (Yeah – right!)  Then, a few years back, I just decided to take some of the scenes from one of my fantasy novels, and just tweak it a little – make it a little more naughty, as it were.  And, girl, did I like the result – in more ways than one.  Writing erotica turned out to be rewarding on a number of fronts.

My writing style is very detail-oriented. As I mentioned above, I wasn’t gifted with the ability to create beautiful artworks, so I like to create those using the power of words.  I don’t just want to show my readers a scene, I want them to see the colours and contrasts, darkness or light; I want them to smell the headiness of the aromas of passion; I want them to feel the touch of skin on skin, luxurious and soft, or hard and demanding; I want them to taste the flavours of every… well – you get the picture!  Having said that, the difficulties for me with that style revolve around not getting too verbose, and not falling into the trap of repetitiveness!

Another aspect of writing in the genre I do is getting into the mood to write those scenes.  Most people probably think it is easy to write hot, erotic scenes, but the truth is that, if you’re not in the right frame of mind, trying to be smooth and sexy can be very difficult.  I like to prepare by making sure the only disturbances I am likely to get are those that will add to the passionate atmosphere, rather than detract from it.  I am so lucky to have two wonderful partners who are more than happy to help me with that! 😉

I have been writing – or trying to – since I was about 8, and have certainly taken too ,long to get myself out there.  It’s time to change that, so expect to see a LOT more from me!  Currently I am independently published, and don’t know if I want that to change just yet – I am having too much fun being in total control!

I couldn’t really say I have a favourite character – they are all important to me, because they are my children, and I love each and every one of them.  I am currently working on a full-length novel called Discovering Jenna, and I am working hard to make Jenna the incredibly special woman she deserves to be.  The interesting thing about Jenna is that she is based on an actual person, who I get to see on a regular basis.  Sín, the Sidhe Witch-Queen who is the protagonist in The Queen of Storms, is yet another beautiful and powerful character who is not afraid of using her sensual side to acquire what she desires the most.

Which character would I like to meet from another author’s works?  WOW!! There are SO many to Shannara tales, and, some day, I am going to complete the biggest erotica fantasy novel you have ever set your eyes upon!

What would I like my readers to know about my writing?  Knowing that people are reading and enjoying my erotica turns me on incredibly, and drives me to write more.  So – you know what to do to keep me writing! 

Something I’d like my fellow authors to know?  I love being part of the wonderful community I have found since I started writing erotica, and look forward to every interaction with you all.

The first book I will be sharing with you today is The Great Rite of the Golden Coven.  I recently made this book available on Amazon Kindle.  It tells the tale of a mysterious Dark Grimoire, and the effect it has on a coven of Romany Chohawni bookcover 02(witches) during the Great Rite of their Yule sabbat.  One thing I will say about this story, which I didn’t realise while I was writing it, is that it doesn’t start in typical Ashen White style.  Usually, I start with a hot scene, and then keep getting hotter!  Great Rite has a much gentler start, but builds to a scorching (literally!) conclusion!

The thing I like most about this tale is that it has a strong biographical element for me.  My matriarchal family are Romany – members of one of the largest, if not the largest, true Roma families – Purrumengro in the old tongue.  My sisters and I were brought up with a deep understanding of the Tatcho Drom, or True Way, which becomes apparent in this tale.  Because of the strong biographical context, the main character is a younger version of yours truly, and I am sure my kin will recognise themselves amongst the denizens of the Golden Coven!

The second book I’d like to share with you is my upcoming novella The Queen of Storms.  This is the first tale from my collection of stories about The Tarot of the bookcover 01Acolyte.  Anyone who has visited my blog, or read some of my other interviews and posts, will know that I have a very strong affinity and interest in Tarot, and read, research and practice the cards as often as I can.  The Queen of Storms tells the tale of erstwhile Tarot dabbler Gerry O’Keith, whose pagan Celtic  past comes to visit him in the form of the beautiful and irresistible Sidhe Witch-Queen Sìn, infamous in Irish Celtic myth for the Threefold Murder of Muirchertach mac Erca, High King of Ireland.  It takes Gerry a while, and a few scintillating encounters with Sìn, before he learns who she really is – by which time it is… Well – you’ll just have to wait and see, but remember – I do write Erotic Horror! 

The inspiration behind The Queen of Storms is The Tarot of the Acolyte.  This a deck that I am developing myself, in much the same way that H.P. Lovecraft developed the Cthulhu Mythos represented in The Necronomicon, as the backdrop to many of his horror stories.

The Queen of Storms will be available on Amazon for the Summer Solstice.

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