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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Guest Author Jaden Wilkes ~ Erotic Romance

I’m so glad to have you here today, Jaden.  Welcome!

Greetings, I am so delighted to be taking part in Grinelda’s “April’s Not Only For Fools” extravaganza. As a new author, a lot of this is trial and error for me, so when an experienced blogger allows me a space to talk about myself, I am truly honoured.

My name is Jaden Wilkes, this is my pen name as I wasn’t completely sure where my writing would take me and my privacy is very important to me and my family. I live in BC, Canada, with my husband and three sons, dogs, cats, horses and assorted animals. As I like to say, I live on the prettiest farm in all of BC. I have a busy life, and every single person who knows me says “how the heck did you find time to write?” The answer is I’m not sure. I have my spot at the kitchen table where I sit with my laptop, kids and dogs running in and out, screaming and asking me questions, but somehow I manage to write. I will say that I save the naughty scenes for night time, when everyone else is asleep and that magical hush has fallen over the house, and I can finally hear myself breathe. I have discovered that there is something disconcerting about writing erotica with the sound of NBAA on the TV, or your mother in law sitting on the couch next to you.

I am an outgoing introvert. I relish my solitude, my peace and quiet, but when I choose, I am a social butterfly. We recently moved to a rural area after years in Vancouver, so I am adjusting to having a much slower pace of life and giving up a career outside of the home. I am committed to sustainable farming and farming, so we are slowly creating a farm that will be able to feed our family and help our community. We are also about to start a Bed and Breakfast, it will be a new experience, sharing our guest house and farm with strangers, but I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I am a firm believer in community, whether it in my local area, or the online world of writers and readers, I appreciate the welcome and encouragement I have gotten so far. I hope I am able to pay it forward as my own work progresses, and offer kind words to people along the way.

As a writer, I feel as though every moment in my life has led to this point. I know that sounds cliché, but I have had an interesting life, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I believe my education has enabled me the basis for a good writing style, I have an honour’s degree in archaeology, but experience has given me the ability to draw on any number of memories or emotions to create a character in the moment. Once I have a strong character in mind, I feel as though their voice takes over and I am compelled to write what needs to be said for them. Perhaps my background in yoga allows me to relax enough to channel this creativity.

As for writing, I have been at it for years now. Most of what I’ve done thus far has been for academia, nonfiction magazine articles or poetry collections. I have had ideas for books rattling around forever, but never actually sat down and finished one. A short time ago I decided I was going to do it, chose a genre and began to write. I can see now where I might streamline the process, things I should have done differently, but I am exceedingly proud to have finished. I feel as though this book is the first step in a new direction for me as a creative artist.

As I have only published one novel, my list of characters is rather small to choose a favorite from. I suppose my favorite in the book Reverse Cowgirl would be Jake. Initially I had wanted him to take revenge on Danny for leaving him, but he decided, as I wrote, that his anger was no longer necessary, his love surfaced and he let it go. He had spent so many years taking his anger out on any woman who crossed path, that by the time Danny returned, he had begun to tire of this game. I think if I had been in a different stage in my life, I would have explored this revenge idea more, and I’m sure there are people out there who would like to have an angrier hero, but I couldn’t do that to him. He’s a lover, not a hater.

As for a character I would like to know more about, Jake’s ex-wife Cheyenne comes to mind. We only really see her through Danny’s eyes, of course it will be biased to her worst side. There are hints from Jake that she is actually a sweet person, but grew up with a wealthy and terrible father. So many times we equate a wealthy family with good parenting, but it isn’t always the case. She might need a book of her own, she’s a very misunderstood girl.

The book Reverse Cowgirl is my first published work of fiction, as any author knows, it’s a big step. I liken the feeling of publishing to walking around with no pants on, you feel rather exposed. The title came to me before I started the story, most of my work happens that way. Reverse Cowgirl is a sex position, but Danny is also returning to her roots as a cowgirl, a reversal of her life and ideas about rural living. None of it is drawn directly from my real life (except the naughty bits, I’ll confess here that I’m quite a naughty woman and really enjoyed writing those scenes), but I do draw inspiration from people I’ve known or places I’ve been. As we are all sponges, I’m certain a great deal of the story was absorbed subconsciously over the years.


Danny and Jake were high school sweethearts with the perfect relationship. Everyone knew they were destined to marry, have babies, and take over Jake’s family ranch. Everyone but Danny.bookcover 01

Seven years ago she packed her bags and fled town in the middle of the night without saying goodbye. Jake was heartbroken and vowed to never fall in love again, leaving a string of broken hearts in his wake. Danny convinced herself that life in the city was all she ever needed, she almost convinced herself that Jake was out of her veins. Now she’s back, ready to rediscover her old life, setting her sights on the tall, handsome cowboy she left behind. Will she be able to convince him to forgive her? Can these two find their way back to each other and have a second chance? Will their exes ever leave them alone?Lives will be changed, feelings reignited, and passions rekindled, but will it be enough?** 18+ for adult situations and language.  ~56,000 words

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