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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author Julie Elizabeth Powell

Thank you, Julie, for visiting my blog today.

I’m now happily married – you don’t really want to know about the others J – with two surviving children, both grown up, one married, the other, hmm, deciding.  My middle child died, as told through Slings & Arrows (the tragic truth) and Gone – a fantastical answer.  I don’t have any pets – not one for animals unless they are in the wild where they should be.  I live in the south of England.

When I have time, I do like to read, create handcrafted cards, make jewellery, scrapbook, draw and paint…oh yes, and garden when the weather allows, although it feels like it’s been winter for the last several months here in England.  I also love going to the cinema.

My personality?  Gee, um, well, I think I’m kind – some may call me a pushover /softie – a perfectionist in many ways and shy away from ‘bad stuff’, especially after coping with what happened to my daughter…so now I try to grab onto happiness and ‘good stuff’ as much as possible.  I am weak when it comes to chocolate!  And, I think I must be an alien because I’ve never fitted in, hate rules and think a closed mind is a dangerous one.

The books I like to read:  anything by Dean Koontz.  They hold mystery, strangeness and that ‘something extra’ I love…something that can’t quite be identified.  My main reading pool however, comes from self-published authors because they are so varied and different.  I do like fantasy, although it’s really about how ‘different’ it is – it has to make me think.

Some of my favourite authors from this arena are:  Maria Savva, Darcia Helle, Michael Radcliffe, Jason McIntyre, Alan Tucker, Elyse Salpeter, Keira Michelle Telford, R. J Palmer, T.Isilwath, Jean Carver, Seb Kirby, M. E Lorde, Nicholas Forristal and Dionne Lister.

Some ‘traditional’ authors I like:  Dean Koontz, Stephen King, John Wyndham, David Brin, Charles Dickens, Chaucer, Shakespeare, J. K Rowling, Roald Dahl, Catherine Cookson and Agatha Christie.

I like all kinds of music, it depends on my mood.  My favourite song of all time is Over The Rainbow sung by Eva Cassidy.

I’ve mentioned chocolate but I mustn’t forget ice cream J  I mostly drink water, camomile tea and sometimes decaf coffee.

I’ve said I don’t like rules, so I don’t go much for routine.  I write when I can and fit in everything I can in a day…I read at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping because – 1. I don’t sleep very well – 2. It’s the only time I have.

What else would I like you to know?  I love people to read my books (12 so far in a variety of genres) and also love it when folks post a positive review.  I also read and review for other self-published author to support their hard work.

Thanks to everyone who does read my books – please think about sharing and…well, you know.

I’ve always written but it wasn’t until what happened to my daughter, Samantha, that I thought the words must stay and not be thrown into the ‘bin of history’.

When she was two, my daughter’s heart stopped, but unfortunately, she was revived too late so suffered severe brain damage.  Whatever she had been vanished, never to know me or anything again, except pain.  She ‘existed’ for a further seventeen years until she died a second and final time.

During that waiting time I had a question: Where had my daughter gone? Because who and what she had been, her essence if you like, had been wiped clean.

Gone was one answer to that question.

I found Lulu and published and have been writing seriously ever since.

I did go back to school as a mature student and obtained a Degree in English, History, Sociology and I.T. – I loved it.  It could only help with the creative writing.  I also completed a module in Creative Writing, however could not afford to do a second Degree.  I do have letters after my name though – tee hee.

My husband encourages me to write, despite burned or forgotten meals.

I do not have a routine, although I do need quiet to read and write.  It’s just me, my fingers, the keyboard, the monitor and my brain – and it flows – the characters each demanding attention and telling me where to go next.

Life fits around my writing J  Did I tell you what a fantastic husband I have?

Because I am self-published, I lack the funds to market and promote my work.  I believe in it, but others, that is, traditional publishers won’t take an interest, so I am left to what I can do.  It’s difficult to say where I am in my writing career – I write, I’ve sold some; I’ve had good and bad reviews (mostly good) and am forever seeking readers.  I have given away more than I’ve sold, but even then cannot find folks to post reviews – I hope not because they hate my work.

I would like to be on the bestseller list – at least enough to make a living from writing.

What else would I like folks to know about my writing?  It’s great! J

I am self-published and have been writing seriously (in that I haven’t thrown it away) for 13 years.  I write in a variety of genres to both challenge my writing skills and so that I don’t become bored.  My books range from fantasy, psychological thriller, murder mystery, horror, humour, mystery adventure, short stories /poems, and non-fiction.  I have 12 books on the market.  Most are for adults; four are targeted at 11+ /YA

All are available in paperback (Lulu) and as Kindle editions.

I have to write, it’s the only motivation.  Sometimes it’s difficult when I haven’t sold any books or I receive a poor review, but I can’t stop and I won’t until something stops me.

I dislike that I can’t write fast enough, but love it when a story comes together…and most of the time the ending surprises me, as if the characters lead me and I follow, not sure where things are going.

Gone – Is the sea and sky (blue) – representing the calm, yet storm of what can be.  I’ve also designed a second cover, with a more fantasy feel of unicorns and clouds.  Distance is the key to both.

13 – Has an urban feel, one of dark and mystery and horror.  As the story is a comment on the modern world, it seems to fit.  I included black and red for their combination strength /meanings.

I now design all my own covers.

In Gone, my favourite character is Chamber – he’s the Gatekeeper of Puzzle Woods.  He’s grumpy but misunderstood with a secret he doesn’t share.  Yes, I’d like to meet him. J

All my characters reflect a mixture of everything I know.

Meeting a favourite character from another author would be Christopher Snow from Dean Koontz – Fear Nothing trilogy (although the last book is awaited).  I like him because he is brave, despite his skin condition and what others think of him.  Another hero is Odd Thomas from the ‘Odd’ series – again brave and heroic and unassuming.  I can only admire those kinds of people.  I have to say that Dean Koontz does inspire me, especially the way he looks at life and the world – wondrous, mysterious and something for which is worth living.

I think readers would enjoy all the characters from my books – good and bad – because they are real, to me at least J

I’ve no idea what I’d be doing if I wasn’t writing – I think I’m good at it J

Poor reviews are a fact of life.  All I can do is ignore them, unless they are constructive…I am always learning and not afraid to learn.



After Charley dies in her office chair, how is it that she finds herself propelled into the mysterious world of Avalon?

Upon encountering an essence, which insists is her daughter – the one she knows she left behind – insanity battles with fear inside her mind.
The further she delves, the more puzzling things appear, especially after she rises into the Orb of Caprice – a realm of fairies, talking flowers and goblins…and something else, something that lurks in the shadows ready to swallow her whole.

Can she realise in time what it is she must do…or has she left it too late?

Gone is a story inspired by a true event.

I would always pick Gone if I have to choose one of my books to put forward because it will always be the most important for reasons stated above.  The title came into my head as the right one for the subject matter.  I think it’s a great book, a unique fantasy, which answers something rare in ‘what ifs’.  I think it could help others too.

The majority of the story is from my imagination.

Excerpt link:

I would be pleased to offer mobi files of Gone.  If folks email me at I will send a free copy.

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What is found within the depths of the human soul? Does wickedness linger, as if the Devil’s thumb is ready to pluck the strings of certain choices? And with the strumming, just how far will Evil spread?

bookcover0113 is the story of random souls pitted against the tragedy of the modern world.

Will they decipher the unknown and make it out alive?
Warning: strong language and scenes of violence /horror

13 is my latest book, a horror, something I’ve not tried before.  It’s psychological because I’ve always been fascinated by how and why the mind works.  It also includes a Joker – or at least another interpretation of what he could be.


Amazon UK:

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Book Trailer for 13:

I would be pleased to offer mobi files of 13.  If folks email me at I will send a free copy.

Contact: email:


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Facebook page:


Well, if you’ve read this far – thank you so much!  Please think about leaving a positive review for not just my books but for other self-published authors – they truly need them.


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