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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author Crystal Veeyant ~ Erotic Fiction

Thanks, Crystal, for visiting today and sharing your writing and a bit about yourself.

Hello all, thanks for checking out my guest blog.

I am a periodic shut-in who writes for a living, both mainstream journalism and fiction. Being in the Hollywood area I’ve also written a few spec screenplays—still unproduced—so when I do go out it’s to schmooze with movie people. Erotica is what I do for fun and stay loose between writing assignments. For non-literary fun I like to go on walks in local parks and hikes in nature areas. I enjoy clubbing at industry hangouts but I learned early on not to party too hard. Living in the Los Angeles area affords me a huge variety of other activities when I feel too shut in.

My daily routine involves spitting out a page within an hour of waking up, even if it’s bad. It’s easier to avoid being trapped by writer’s block if you write every day because sooner or later you’re going to write something that excites you, and nothing breeds success like success. If it’s bad page I learn from it and try to figure out where  it went wrong, but I keep at it. My idea of Hell is when I can’t bring myself to write: when a significant amount of static inertia has built up and it’s tough to get the ball rolling. For me blogging doesn’t cut it because there is no real creative commitment; it’s like regurgitating words onto an electronic screen.

Most blogs I’ve run across can barely be considered writing; far too often it’s self-indulgent electronic graffiti. I don’t give a shit if you had a bran muffin with your latte this morning, yet so many bloggers have convinced themselves they’re real writers because they’ve spewed their diary all over cyberspace. And the pathetic thing is that far too many of them don’t know the difference between “their,” “there” and “they’re.” So many wannabe writers have gotten lazy or never learned real storytelling, which is why so much erotica is an insult to true writing. I guess that’s what I’d like readers to know about me: I take my craft seriously enough to put some real care and effort into it, because I want to be one hundred percent proud of it.

My writing style is more character-driven than anything. There are very few truly original storylines under the sun, and readers are tough to surprise. My belief is they’re best hooked in with richly drawn characters that walk off the page and knock them off their feet. It’s been my experience that even when a reader knows where the story is going, if she’s connected with the characters she’ll follow them anywhere, as long as the author doesn’t cheat by, say, using a deus ex machina to get the hero/ine out of a serious scrape.

I started writing for pleasure in high school but then I got away from it as a pleasurable activity because in college it became my focus of study, and when you have to do something it takes the fun away. I might have gone and become a dental hygienist until I got involved in doing a newsletter for a social group. I volunteered to make friends, and it turned out I was the only one with a real education in writing.

With my erotica I am writing most for guys and women who are fascinated by transgender characters. I have a kinky imagination, and it is so much fun to push the limits of behavior like sexual punishment of a male character who secretly desires it, BDSM, etc. I know the audience well, and I delight in being able to give them what they love but at the same time draw compelling characters and hit the reader with twists they didn’t see coming. Occasional I play with imaginative pseudo-incest.

I love writing so much ‘m automatically motivated. What keeps me going with erotica is that I have so many great ideas I want to eventually write them all. Also I partly feel a responsibility to the audience to give them another alternative to the many hacks writing erotica and dragging down the entire genre with them.

There isn’t one single character I favor but I would say shemales (transsexuals with penises) fascinate me the most. I think perhaps the heroine Angela of Shemale Vice, who uses her wits and heart to escape her dire situation, and she finds her true love!


Intervention is my newest, the story of a Bob, 35 y/o husband in a happy, sexual marriage who becomes addicted to porn to the dismay of his 42 y/o wife, Kristin, a full Psychology professor. Bob’s addiction leads him to sex in a public restroom with shemale hooker Dolores, and later in her apartment. Eventually Bob gets in trouble with the law and loses his job, making Kristin turn to her beautiful graduate student Mary—who has the hots for teacher—and together they cook up an bookcover 01“intervention” to so overload Bob with kinky sex that, like aversion therapy, it will cure him. Using porn found on his computer as a guide, they force-feed him his own fantasies as a gauntlet of kinky sex he has no choice but to comply with. While he’s had sex with Dolores a few times, he’s never fantasized of sex with a man, which is why Kristin and Mary demand he does, among other surprises. In the end, it’s sexy Mary who has the most shocking surprise of all for everyone.

I chose this title as being a compendium of the characters that most fascinate me—shemales, feminized submissives males (sissies) and dominant women—and the themes of “forced” bisexuality, feminization, sexual punishment, pegging and BDSM. By revealing Bob’s state of mind and acting our his evolution, I’m proud of the way the book explores the inner journey. Though she’s but a supporting character I love Mary’s devious ways. As Bob’s problem is an addiction, I opted for the actual clinical term for the title. All my stories are a result of observation in the fetish community, a little experimentation  and my imagination.

She-Male Vice is the tale of sweet Angela found herself in a sleazy downtown neighborhood in San Francisco only a few months after she graduated high school, kicked out by a family who could not accept a son who was turning into a girl. Two older shemales became her friends, her teachers and her lovers, showing the young transwoman how she could survive as a shemale prostitute walking the bookcover 02streets, after she learns nobody will hire her. Before long she was having more fun, more sex and making more money than she ever had in her life. Her life turned upside down when she was abducted by a small gang of Vice Squad cops who ran shemale hookers, using them as their own personal sex toys and pimping them out to rich, powerful men. All that keeps Angela sane is her deep love for her shemale sister in bondage, Carmelita, and her hope the cops will some day tire of her and set her free. When she and Carmelita are flown out to Las Vegas to be pimped out to high rollers, Angela concocts a plan to allow Carmelita and her to escape and start their lives over together where the corrupt cops can’t find them.

Of all the stories I’ve written with shemale protagonists, this one delves most deeply into the issues faced by shemales—preoperative transsexual women who survive via sexwork—and their humanity. Like many young transsexuals Angela is rejected by her family, tossed into the street, and forced into hooking by an unaccepting world. Furthermore, some police officers abuse and take advantage of people like she. Her resilience and refusal to quit are what make me so admire her, as does her sister in captivity, Carmelita. This story is based mostly on research and knowing people like Angela.


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She-Male Vice




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