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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author Pete Densmore ~ Parenting & Relationships

Welcome, Pete.  Thanks for sharing your wonderful book on my blog.

Every new mom could use a day at the spa—know somebody who is expecting?

Perhaps not, but I’m willing to bet my kid’s college fund, the majority of you do. Additionally, chances are good that if you know a woman who is pregnant, you also know a man who is incredibly anxious—anxious to know how to be a good father, to know what lies ahead and how to deal with the unknown.

The majority of the guys won’t admit it, but they want help. And it’s those same guys who will admit they don’t have time for help—even if they received it. This is where DADspirations can help. These are fun, creative and practical ideas to inspire bookcover 02dads. And, I compiled them into a book called DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood.

While raising my son, I discovered inspiration and creativity which I never knew I had.  Upon learning my wife was expecting baby number two, a flood of exciting ideas filled my head, including writing a book. The writing started as a way of keeping track of these cool ideas I wanted to do for my daughter, building on a lot of the fun things I did for her older brother.

As I put my thoughts to paper, the words began to come to life and form more of a narrative than just a checklist of awesome things I was planning for my baby girl.  Besides, being a dad is one of the greatest things you can do in your life and soon enough, I realized I had this kickass strategy on how to inspire dads in their first 100 days of fatherhood.

This is the only parenting book of its kind which focuses on the importance of the first few months of fatherhood, providing practical and creative ideas that are illustrated with pictures. This book urges Dads to bond with their newborn from the get go and can also help them achieve “Rockstar Dad” status. I sent my wife to a day spa two months after our daughter was born and she still romantically reminds of how much she loved it, wink wink.author image 01

Aside from hoping to get laid with a couple of these ideas, DADspirations really are the cornerstone of inspired parenting and meant to motivate and encourage soon-to-be and new fathers.

As I a dude, I like pictures, which is why I mostly read magazines. This book kind of reads like a magazine: quick, lots of pictures and doesn’t make you think too hard. There 35 tips to help make new dad’s first 100 days as impactful as possible, here are some example:author image 02

  • Send your loving wife to the spa, which secures for you an afternoon of introducing Bob Ross or Kung Fu to your baby.
  • Develop a baby birth time capsule, which captures all of the precious moments from a day you’re likely to forget.
  • Build a toy box, which gives you the perfect excuse to spend an entire day alone in the garage with power tools and beer.
  • Organize a girls’ night out for your wife, which allows her to bond with her “besties”, while you get to enjoy a Star Wars movie marathon.

Although the book is intended for a new father, let’s face it, we all know it’s the expecting/new mom who is going to have to giver her hubby a nudge in the book reading department. When the dad starts reading this book, not only will he feel inspired with his newborn, but there’s a good chance he’ll start feeling overly generous with his wife.

And seriously, what mom doesn’t want a book that will inspire her husband to send her for a day at the spa?

You’ll find an excerpt from the book on my Website.


I’m giving away a signed paperback copy of book by drawing. To enter, please be sure to include your email address in your comment.

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