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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

Author Anna Kristell ~ Contemporary Romance

Hello, Anna.  Thanks for stopping in today.

My home is in southern Indiana, where I live with my husband in a small community. We have a grown son and daughter, and three beautiful grandchildren. We’ve also lived in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas, but found our way back to the Hoosier state in 2005. Monday through Friday will find me at my day job, in the billing department of a local Community Mental Health Center. But most evenings and weekends I slip into the world of romance and fantasy as I sit at my computer, armed with coffee and chocolate and write, edit, and market, as I follow my dream of creating stories of romance. I don’t write erotica, rather a sensual form of romance. Some of my earlier books are more of a mix between sweet and sensual, but later ones a little more on the sensual side. I’ve always liked to read romance of any genre and my choice in music has always leaned to country love songs. I’ve even used a country singer friend’s music in one of my books as the theme song for the hero and heroine. I’m currently writing a series for LazyDay Publishing and my books that aren’t part of the series are being published by Rebel Ink Press. It’s been a long time dream, like so many authors I’ve met, to become a published author and that dream finally became a reality last summer when I received a contract from Rebel for Unlikely Lovers, and a week later, a contract arrived from LazyDay for Crossroad to Love, the first in the series. The series is intended to be a long one, with a book released every other month.

Who am I, the writer? I guess I’d have to say I’ve always been a writer at heart. I’ve written short stories and poems for years, beginning as early as the second grade. It wasn’t until twelve years ago I actually sat down and began my first novel. I knew the storyline, had the characters and the plot, and had begun my journey. Then life got in the way and the story was put on hold for seven years…that’s right…seven years. Five years ago, I was between jobs and bored out of my mind. My husband suggested I finish the book I’d started writing years ago. Not having thought about the book for some time, as I’d been very busy up until that point, I decided to give it a go. I started over from the beginning and rewrote the first few chapters, printed it out and knocked on my neighbor’s door. I said, “Read this.” She did and when she’d finished, asked what it was. I told her it was a book I was writing. She replied, “You’ve got to finish this. It’s really good.” I told her the rest of the storyline and she insisted I go home and get back to work on it. I finished it, and wrote another, then started another. But before I could attempt to get published, I went back to work, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I broke my arm, requiring two surgeries. Life had gotten in the way again. Five years later, I got up the nerve to look at my manuscripts again. I had two completed and one halfway finished. I rewrote all of them and began submitting them and within weeks had three contracts.

I’m often asked if my characters are based on people I know. The answer is no. I do use the names of people I know, which tickles them to death, but sometimes I spell them slightly differently. Crossroad to Love is about a group of friends who’ve been friends since grade school and although the characters themselves are not based on anyone I know, the friendship theme is based on my own lifelong friendship with several girls I grew up with. The women in the book have a lot of drama and romance in their lives. My friends and I haven’t led such colorful lives, or at least I don’t think so. *grins*

I’m sharing The Road To Her Heart with you today, which is my new release from LazyDay Publishing, and is Book #2 of my Fab Five series. I chose this one because I love this story, love the characters, and love the cover. Readers are falling in love with this series.

Here’s a little bit about the book.


The ‘Fab Five’ are back, but this time, it’s Lizzie’s daughter, who is causing all the drama.

Cara Hart is getting married. But there’s a slight problem with the upcoming nuptials. Cara is in love with two men. She loves her fiancé, Caleb, but can’t get over Nick, the one who broke her heart. To make things even more complibookcover 02cated, Caleb and Nick are best friends. Deciding not to waste her life pining for what might have been, Cara goes ahead with the wedding to Caleb. Determined to make the marriage work, she hides her feelings for Nick in the deepest corner of her heart, and moves forward. Finding love and contentment in Caleb’s arms, Cara is certain she has made the right decision. The newlyweds settle into married life, planning to start a family right away. But days after learning she is pregnant, Caleb is killed in a plane crash, leaving a devastated widow behind.

Nick steps up to the plate, comforting Cara during her grief, even asking her to marry him. He offers to help her raise Caleb’s baby. Angry, Cara declines Nick’s offer, believing it to be a pity proposal. Is she right? Did Nick propose because he felt it was his duty to take care of his dead friend’s wife and child? Or, is it possible that Nick wants a second chance, with the girl he once loved and left? As he travels the road to her heart, will Nick be able to convince Cara to open it and let him back in?


The Road To Her Heart

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I also have a book coming out on April 3rd from Rebel Ink Press, which is not a part of a series, Sunny’s Love. Here’s the blurb:

bookcover 01Sunny Drake has had a few bad years.  First she lost her beloved father. Then her long time boyfriend married someone else.  Now the doctor she works for is retiring. When Sunny meets widowed, restaurant mogul Chase Dupont, who is suddenly in need of a nanny, she agrees to take the job, never dreaming the journey it will lead her on.

To save his business from being taken over by another company, Chase asks Sunny to marry him. It will be a marriage of convenience but it will be for life. She agrees since she’s already in love with him. But can she make him love her, too?

When Sunny suffers a fall and lies unconscious for days, Chase realizes all he’s ever wanted is Sunny’s Love. But a mystery begins to unravel as they realize Sunny’s fall wasn’t an accident. Someone is trying to murder her. Will Sunny and Chase get the chance to admit their true feelings to each other?  Or is it too late?

Available at Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Bookstrand on April 3, 2013.

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