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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

Author Virginia Nelson ~ Urban Fantasy/Pararnormal

Glad to have you, Virginia.  I’m sure our guests are waiting to hear more about you and your writing, so let’s get going.

To start off with I’d like to share a little about myself and my writing career.  Like so many women in our society, I’m single, although not for long. The love
of my life, who I have known since I was a teenager and I are getting married
this August in Las Vegas at the http://www.romancenovelconvention Better late
then never since we have lived together for over ten years and what better place
to get married then a romance novel convention? The only thing that could top
that off is the one and only cover model Jimmy Thomas will be performing the
ceremony. I’m still pinching myself to make its real and not something I wrote in
one of my romantic tales.

I was a teacher up until a few years ago. I retired early from a university in New
Mexico. A good friend of mine who also retired about the same time took off on
an adventure to teach over seas. I tagged along and fell in love with the many
cultures and people I was able to meet in my twelve years abroad. I now live year
round in the Phoenix area.

Thank the Heavens Above; I no longer have to juggle between two careers. I
write full time no less than six hours a day, six days a week. If I’m not writing
you’ll find me at a writer’s convention or meeting up with one of the many writing
groups I belong to. I’m an active member of http://www.rwa.org/ , belonging
to three chapters. I’m also the current Vice President of the FF& P chapter.
(Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal) http://romance-ffp.com/ When I’m not
writing or at a chapter meeting you can find me hanging out at Starbucks with my
critique partners, feeding my caffeine addition.

Eternal Nights, the second book in my paranormal series is soon to be released.bookcover 01
Sekhmet’s Guardians is an ongoing saga revolving around seven ancient
warriors who came to Earth to protect the human race and the women who
capture their hearts. It was only fitting, the second novel would center on
Raphael, the second in command of these warriors. Ironically, many of my
readers fell madly in love with Raphael in book one and were disappointed when
he didn’t win the love of Jennifer, the Native American Selkie. A gentle soul,
Raphael could be considered everywoman’s dream. Like most romance stories,
he has a body to die for and is very perspective to a woman’s needs – both
physical and mental. Although he is an alien immortal, he has a cowboy appeal
that women tend to love. Raphael finally finds true love with Jessica even though
their journey is somewhat difficult to say the least. You see Jessica has been
seeing through the eyes of another and no one knows of her existence.

BLURBbookcover 02

Is she real or a figment of his imagination? All Raphael knows is he must find the
angel of his dreams or go completely mad.

Every night, Jessica’s consciousness grows stronger. From the first moment she
saw him, she knew she and Raphael were destined to be together. Can she find
away to free herself from her grandmother’s powerful magic – the one which has kept her incarcerated inside another being since her birth.


All of my books are available in print and in e-book format. Eternal Lovers, the
first book in the series and Eternal Nights are also available in print, e-format and
large print through Amazon. You may also request a signed edition from her by
emailing her directly at Virginia@authorvsnelson.com

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