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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author Lorieen D. Henry ~ Religion; Inspirational

Welcome Lorieen and thanks for being here today!

Greetings and Blessings to everyone! Thank you for visiting my guest blog.

Who am I? I am a blessed Best-Selling Author! No, it’s not an April fool’s joke. It’s my declaration! I’m not there yet, but I needed to speak/type that into the atmosphere. I’m the daughter of “The King” (Jesus); therefore, I am royalty! I’m married to my very handsome husband of 9 years, Ronnie. We have an adorable 4 year old daughter, Reagan. They are my heart!  I call them twins (RDH1 and RDH2) though they were born in different decades. And of course, I am the odd man out. They are always in cahoots, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

By gift, I’m an exhorter. I love going about my day encouraging others and putting a smile on their faces. I love living, I love giving and I love loving!!! Nonetheless my circle is extremely small. Guess you could say that I’m a bit of a loner. I’ve always felt different, and throughout my life people have felt the need to judge or try to change me. Well, I’m too old and stubborn to conform, change or seek to please people who can’t place me in heaven. I love me just the way I am (flaws and all), and the only one I aim to please is Jesus. Pleasing Him is daily work so I don’t have time to waste.

My life, as simple as I try to keep it, always supplies me with writing material. As I work through my issues, I put them on paper. Writing is both my drug and my therapy. The journey of writing is a beautiful escape because my words never offend my paper nor does my paper get tired of my words. I speak through my writing and my writing speaks to me. There are never any complaints from within that I talk or write too much. I can talk as much as I want about whatever I want and never have to worry about stressing or depressing anyone.

I’m a self published author of two books, and this book took 21 months! I was surprised to discover that I have been consistently putting my thoughts on paper for over 20 years as a form of therapy.

Here is my professional writing process outlined:

Step 1: Write everything I want to write, everything that’s on my heart.
Step 2: Pray about everything I wrote asking God for guidance. The Holy Spirit is the best editor!
Step 4: Lift my work before the Lord as an offering.
Step 5: Have my work professionally edited.
Step 6: Read my work again to ensure the message that God wants delivered was not lost.
Step 7: Wait for God’s sign to proceed with publishing.

In my book, There Is a Miracle in 21: God Completes, I pour my heart out. I share the good and bad. I walk you through the mess to the miracle. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or how hard your struggles may be, you must put your trust in Him. “GOD COMPLETES!” Life is not always a bowl of cherries. Sometimes, you getlemons! But with God, your lemons can be turned into a refreshing glass of lemonade. I discovered that “Pain pounds out your purpose and propels you to your destiny.”


There Is a Miracle in 21: God Completes is designed to encourage, inspire and motivate others. It’s a book of HOPE! Whether I’m sharing feelings of inadequacbookcover 01y, confessing faults, or sharing words of encouragement, I do it to glorify God. I know that if God is glorified that He will ensure the book reaches those who need its message.

It provides a mirror! At some point in the book, you will see yourself. God will speak to your situation through my words. I share bits of my story, but I also wrote on topics that God dropped in my spirit. For example, I have never been abused, but I have had thoughts of suicide. I tackle both topics with great perspective. Sometimes, we find it taboo to talk about the real issues. I talk about the real issues without the sugar. I was a Mess, and by my admission and hard work, I received the Miracle that God had in store for me. It’s time to face the real issues, work through the mess and receive the miracle.


Sometimes, we just need to take inventory of who we are holding on to. Who are the people in our lives? Does our inner circle build us up or tear us down? Do we travel lightly with them or do they weigh us down? Why are they truly in our lives? Stop clinching on to ‘garbage’! ‘Garbage’ friends are those who dump all of their problems on you, take more than they give, shoot down your dreams, deposit doubt in your mind, and speak negativity at every turn. Did you seriously read through that list? They ‘Poop’ in your life, and they expect you to clean it up. Why on earth would you call this type person a friend? Sometimes, it’s just time to let it go. Let it go! Sometimes, you just have to look to the sky and say, ‘Lord, is this the one I kick to the curb?’ Then, listen to His answer. If  He answers, ‘Yes’, cut the cord and move on.


I’m giving away an autographed copy of my book There Is a Miracle in 21: God Completes by drawing. To enter, please be sure to include your email address in your comment.

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