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Grinelda Markowitz

Hi!  I’ve got the lineup below.  I’m still waiting on the material from authors filling in for no-shows.  I’ll update this post as I get the information filled in.  Please pop in for the first post to kick off the month of April.

Happy April Fool’s Day ~ I’m not foolin’  :D.

April 1 ~ Grinelda Markowitz ~ Erotic Fiction; Across Multiple Genres
April 2 ~ Anthony Beal ~ Erotica
April 3 ~ Yezall Strongheart ~ Space Opera/Romance-Adventure Mild Romance
April 4 ~ Montrée Whiles ~ Fiction; Across Multiple Genres
April 5 ~ SJ Byrne ~ Paranormal
April 5 ~ Angelica Dawson ~ Erotica
April 6 ~ Jamallah Bergman ~ Erotic Fiction; Interracial Romance
April 7 ~ Victoria Adams ~ Contemporary / Contemporary Romance
April 8 ~ P. C. Zick ~ Contemporary Fiction (family saga and women’s literature)
April 9 ~ Corey Feldman ~ Fiction; Children’s through adult, in multiple…

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