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Horny Hump Day ~ April 10.

Good morning.  Looks like we have another visit with Gavin and Sophia.  They’ve just enjoyed a quickie.  Those are our two from, “Mother’s Milk.”  This is another of my works in progress. Read more snippets in my Blogger.

Her head rested on his shoulder, her legs still wrapped around his torso. His massive hands supported the twin globes of her ass, while her juices dripped down his still embedded cock. Her tight finger of a glove still thobbed around his stanchion, bringing it back to life in moments.

These two have an electic spark between them that could light up all of the eastern seaboard.  The fun part about them is no one ever sees the lava-flow action between them.  They’re just a very sweet couple in everyone’s eyes.  Looks like the quickie isn’t over yet.


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