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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author Corey Feldman ~ Fiction; Children’s Fiction

Glad to have you here today, Corey.  Thanks for visiting.  It’s all yours.

Thank you Grinelda for inviting me to participate as a guest blogger. I hope everyone enjoys my post.

So, I guess I should introduce myself.  I am Corey Feldman, but I am not now nor have I ever been an 80’s actor.  I am married with two wonderful boys, 4 and 6. They are my world. I live in Potomac, MD a suburb of DC. I have an exciting and interesting day job working in Human Resources. OK, that was meant as sarcasm, but it actually can be pretty interesting at times. You should see some of the stuff I have come across, I could write a book. Oh wait, I could write another book. Side note – Should any past, present, or future employers come across this post, know I would never write a tell all HR book, or at the very least I would change the names to protect the “innocent”. My life is pretty much a slam jam of busy. I work long hours and have a 30 mile commute in one of the worst traffic areas in the country. When not at work my 4 and 6 year old keep me pretty busy. When I can, I either run or write. Sometime I do both at the same time. No, I don’t literally write while running, but I often plot on my runs. Running clears the cobwebs out of my mind and helps the creative flow. If I’m not plotting or meditating when running, I have a love of audiobooks. I have a pretty broad range I listen to, but if I’m honest with myself the ones I enjoy most are the urban/modern fantasies. Audiobooks are also my savior on my hellish commute.

My personal journey to become a writer was a long one. I am actually Dyslexic, so while I love to write, it can be frustrating at times (thank G-d for good copy editors). But it has also been my fantasy since first grade. But this is my first year with books on the open market. I started with blogging before it was a word but I rarely if ever put out my poetry or stories for public consumption. This past year I was forced to confront the fact I had been hiding from the world, and to a good extent myself, that I suffered mild depression, not so mild anxiety, and ADHD. The anxiety was the main reason I never put my real/personal writing out there. So I decided to battle that head on and started blogging a children’s series. I finished about 5 books worth of material before I hid the posts, edited them, and had the first set illustrated for my first book. Egret the Elephant: Volume 1. Sadly my artist had to back out due to personal obligations, but I am now in the process of reviewing work and bids for Volume 2, I hope to have that out shortly. With 5 children’s books ready to be time released, I decided to work on an adult Urban Fantasy set in DC. The protagonist will find herself immersed in the mystical and magical world of Practical Kabbalah. As a Jewish writer, I have noticed a dearth of Jewish related fantasy. I aim to change that to some small degree. So while working on my Work in Progress (WiP) I had an idea for a novelette, also a bit on the mystical side of things, but it is ultimately a love story – The Sexton and the Reaper, which I will link to below. Recently I came up with a new novelette that not only directly ties to my WiP but will also tie in to The Sexton and the Reaper. This novelette will be heavy on the Kabbalah and should help me flesh out my WiP. Depending on when this posts and how fast some other things come together, Egret the Elephant Volume 2 and my new novelette might be out or close to it! I will probably write more novelettes while I work on my WiP and they will most likely also tie in it. Why? A couple reasons. I love Easter Eggs for one. My WiP, the first in the Alex Kagan series, will stand on its own. But if you have read The Sexton and the Reaper, you might find yourself laughing out loud at a thing or two that will likely go unnoticed by someone who hasn’t read it. For another thing, it gives me the opportunity to reuse characters I love. And there are definitely some characters I love in both my children and adult works. In The Sexton and the Reaper, my favorite character is Bob. I also love Egret, but one of my other favorites doesn’t get introduced until at least book 3. She is based on a daughter I always imagined but never had.


Egret the Elephant: Meet Egret, a 5 year old elephant who loves to dance, the moon, and her family. When Egret was five she could dance like a dream. She bookcover 02would dance though streams and under moonbeams. Now you might think it’s odd that an elephant could dance, but since she was just five no one had told her she can’t.

The Sexton and the Reaper: The Sexton and the Reaper is a novelette labeled as Paranormal Romance but it is not scary and it is not erotic by any stretch of the imagination. It’s really a good old fashion love story with Ghosts, Soul Collectors, Angels, Jewish & Christian Mysticism, and of course fantasy.

Excerpt: For an excerpt of The Sexton and the Reaper, please check out the Kindle link below and view or download a sample. You can do the same for Egret the Elephant, or view a sample at bookcover 01EgretTheElephant.com

Giveaway: I am giving away and ecopy of either The Sexton and the Reaper or Egret the Elephant, by drawing. Name your choice in the comments and please include your email address so I can send it to you.

Buy Links:

The Sexton and the Reaper (Considering size and price I recommend the eBook)
Amazon Paperback

Buy Links: Egret the Elephant: Volume 1 (While the eBook is less expressive, unless you have a color reader and your kids like reading on eDevices, I would recommend the paperback.)
Amazon Paperback

Contact Information:

Email: corey@coreyjf.com
Main Website
Egret Website
Egret FB Fan Page
The Sexton and the Reaper FB Fan Page
Amazon Author Page
Mailing list for new releases and giveaways


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