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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author Jamallah Bergman ~ Erotic Fiction; Interracial Romance

Jamallah, I’m glad you were able to be here today.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Thanks so much for coming to take a look at my guest blog and learn more about myself as well as my latest book “The Admission”.

I have a fourteen year old daughter name Jamira who is not just my daughter but also my best friend. We get along really well with each other and she has never been more proud of me and the fact that I have been writing. I have always told her to go for her dreams, for her she wants to be a cartoonist and she does amazing work with it, for even though at one time I really never thought that I would fulfill my dreams of becoming a writer myself. So she goes by my example and does her best at school so she can accomplish her dream of becoming an artist.

Well I have to say that I have an overall good personality as well as a good outlook on my life now. At one time I can tell you that I had issues with myself and how things had been going on in my life. And at that time I honestly wasn’t the type of person that you see before you now. But I think we all go through a period in our lives when we have to figure out about what how we can change it to make life way more better for ourselves than it was. I know that now, in my life, I am a very happy go lucky person, I hate to see my friends down and I am always there to either lend an ear to listen to their problems or to just put a smile on their face by saying something silly or posting something even sillier on my Facebook page. Either way I know I’m doing my job by making life a bit easier for others around me. Life is too short to be worrying your life away on things.

Right now I live in Atlanta Georgia but I was born in Jamaica Queen New York. I’ve basically have lived in the South for most of my life however, having spent most of my childhood in Alabama (Birmingham, Tuskegee and Montgomery) before moving to Georgia where I lived in the historic town of Roswell and I spent my childhood there. I love it here in Georgia because it has a lot going on here especially in Atlanta.

My favorite foods are Pizza and anything sweet and my favorite beverage has got to be the Sweet tea over at McDonalds. My favorite Restaurants to go to are Chili’s, Dave and Buster’s or The Cheesecake Factory.

Well when I start writing, I have to have a nice cup of hot tea to begin the morning so tea is a must for me. I also have to be comfortable because of course this is also a big must for me. I have to be comfortable not only with myself but also with my surroundings. I don’t mind having the television on but I keep the volume down. I honestly don’t mind a little bit of distraction at times unless I’m so into a story that I am writing. Then and only then I will need complete quiet or basically I let folks know that I don’t want to be disturbed.

Right now in my writing career, I am ‘known’ amongst those that have read my books, so right now I am happy with where I am at. I know like most of us writers, we wouldn’t mind one of our books will end up being on the silver screen or maybe even a lifetime movie one day. I honestly wouldn’t mind it at all because honestly it would be something that would be an honor to have something that I’ve worked so hard on to go to that next level. Even though I have six books under my wing, I am still in the learning process on things as far as being a writer. And even though I am still learning, I am willing to learn to how to make my work even better each and every time I write.

I’ve been writing for myself for as long as I can remember. I think my first story I wrote was when I was about 12 years old and it was a small script for my dolls. As I got into my teens, my stories of course got a bit more of that of a teenager who was dealing with life as a teen, a girl who was finding herself and also wanting to be loved by a boy. As the years went by and I got even older, my stories grew with me. At one time, I even went and had a webpage up of some of my short stories since a lot of my friends knew of my work. I got a lot of praise from folks about how much they enjoyed my work plus I got a lot of people writing as well. I started to get onto site called Hub pages and this is where I got the chance to talk and befriend Author Mike Arsuaga. We became good friends and whenever he had asked for me to go and vote for his books, I would do so. Then I had told him one day that I had a story that I had wanted to get out for years and despite the fact that I had sent out letters and stuff to publishers, it seemed no one wanted to print my work. Well he told me that the publisher he was with was always looking for new authors. He sent me to Secret Cravings Publishing where I went and looked it over and sent off a letter and my book. In October 2011, my 1st book ‘If…Only You Knew’ came out. It was a story that was and is still near and dear to me to this day.

I mainly write interracial romance, I write both Contemporary and Erotica. My heroines are women who are full figured women who despite the fact that they are full figured, some do have issues with self-esteem about themselves or with finding love with a man that they think that they can never get with or have.  My heroes are men who look ‘beyond’ what the heroine may look, they love her regardless and think of her as a goddess even though at times he might think of herself as such. He shows her that he loves her no matter what and he does at times get emotional for his love for her is strong.

Well for me, when an idea comes my way, it comes immediately. Whether it’s a picture I see of a handsome man or a movie that I love or even when I am talking with a friend or fellow writer and doing some brainstorming. Even a topic that not a lot of folks think about, I like to make my stories different in the sense that once you read one of my stories, you will go ‘WOW!”, it will strike a nerve within you to where it will make you think.

Well I have to say that this particular cover for my latest book “The Admission” is very near and dear to me and the story behind it is even more interesting. A friend of mine and fellow author Taabia Dupree had told me about a guy by the name of Angelo Riguero. He was handsome and gorgeous and even though at the time I was not writing anything, I had the story tucked away in a folder and that’s when the wheels started turning and ‘The Admission” began to be written. I based on one of my favorite movies called “The Heiress” which starred Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Cliff but I updated it from the 1880’s to a modern feel and made it an interracial story with Cathy being black and Rodrigo being Spanish. Well after a while I went and added Angelo to my friends list and I had wanted to get a picture of him for my cover. But the pictures I had wanted, I couldn’t get because they had been with another publishing company as well as the club he danced with had been copyrighted. So I couldn’t use his likeness on the cover but we still became good friends regardless. And even though I had sent off the story to my publisher, it was sent back because stuff needed to be added or redone on it before they would publish it. I had put it aside because I had to deal with another story. When I found out that Angelo had died, I was very heartbroken by what I had heard and even to this day I am still heartbroken because he was and still is an amazing young man. He had so much love to give and was such an inspiration to all those lives he had touched. It was such a great loss for everybody that knew him as well as the world. I decided to go back to that story again because I had written the book with him in mind and I wanted to pay homage to him because he was such a wonderful man. Once I got it fixed and I sent it back, it was accepted. I decided to just have a woman on the cover of this book because since I couldn’t get Angelo on my cover, I wasn’t going to put a man on the cover at all. I had told our cover artist Dawne Dominique that I wanted this cover to be special because the story itself was a special one so the cover had to just as much. Well when I got the cover back, I literally cried when I saw it because it was exactly how I wanted it and she had even said that I had picked out a great model for the cover because it showed just how emotional this story was going to be. I honestly love this cover most of all my other covers.

Honestly I have to say my favorite character that I have has to be Jonathan Sutton from my 4th book “Sorry…Wrong Number”. If you haven’t read this book, I suggest you do because it’s a story like no other. Jonathan honestly has to be the hottest character that I’ve written so far to date. And in a way, I love that about him because not only is he hot but he’s also a freak. (Like I said, get the book and read it and you will find out why I said this)

I have to say that only one of my characters I wrote about does have to do with an actual person in my life. My 1st book “If…Only You Knew” was about a time in my life where I did some reflecting. Mainly about things I wish I could have done and said to a certain person who made a big impact in my life. I had such a huge crush on him and even though we were friends, I kept my feelings for him to myself because I didn’t want to risk losing my friendship with him. I never told him my true feelings for him and even to this day, I have never told him how much he meant to me.

Honestly it would have to be Zsadist from J.R.Ward’s book ‘Lover Awakened’ hands down. A friend of mine had suggested the Brotherhood books and I completely gotten immense into it and when I read Zsadist story, I was a complete emotional wreck while reading it. Never had I read about a character that was so near and dear to me. I honestly would love to meet him as well as Bella. They are both a beautiful couple and their story really hit home with me.

I try to be different with my work. Even though I write mainly Interracial, I try to tweak it to where it’s not like any other interracial story you’ve ever read before. I know that some of my readers that have read each of my books have said that they enjoyed my work. They say that it always seems to touch them in some sort of way and that the characters are believable and heartwarming. As I said, I like to be different when I write my stories but I want to also try and get my point across when you read my stories.

I would probably become a chef. I LOVE to cook and try out new and different recipes. I had always loved and thought about going to cooking school over at the Art Institute here in Atlanta. I wanted to open up my own café and enjoy cooking for people who would enjoy my food.

Lord…..let me see….there was one review that I had gotten about my 3rd book “Special Kind of Woman”. I had a hard time with that book during the editing process and it took a lot of time to go through it but once it was done, it was done and I was happy with it. Well I did get plenty of mixed reviews for it but one in particular really hit a nerve for me. I won’t say where it is posted but either way it hit hard on me because it really tore into my story and honestly the person that so called “read” my story never really read it fully because they made reference to stuff that really never even happened in the book. I had gotten some really good advice from some of my fellow authors about bad reviews. And even though there were times that I’ve wanted to say something, I’ve decided to keep my comment to myself and just take things with a grain of salt. And that is what I’ve done as far as now, there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism but when you have to go and belittle someone’s hard work, I think that’s just wrong.

Today I would like to share my 6th and latest book that came out March 20th called “The Admission”. I chose this particular book because not only is it my latest book but it’s also very and near to my heart as far as the subject matter and the meaning behind the cover (which was something I’ve already covered in my questioning). My favorite character has to be Rodrigo Coram for this story. Not only is he handsome but he’s sincere about his feelings towards Cathy. He makes her feel like she is wanted and loves her for who she is, a beautiful young woman who even despite her insecurities about herself. He shows her how to be strong and shows her that love can be found with him. As far as concept, I like the idea of how in this story angles of how a secret resentment towards another person can harbor such pain once it comes out. Now only does it hurt the person that is involved but also it hurts those around the person, in the case of the story, it hurts the family as well as Cathy. At first I had decided to name the story “The Shy Heiress” but as I continued writing this story, I realized that my first title wouldn’t fit the story. So I decided upon “The Admission” because of the fact that part of this story deals with admission, admission of resentment, admission of loss, admission of guilt. So the title completely went with the story. I have to say that yeah it’s purely imagination how this book came to be as it is. I honestly enjoyed writing this book and it took so much out of emotionally.


All she ever wanted was her father’s love.

Cathy Sanderson tries her best to impress her father despite his resentment over her. She seemed to contemplate most days, “Why me? Why do you hate me so daddy?”

He’d belittle her about every little thing. The pain and anguish she felt as his only child had her day dreaming that one day he would treat her special.bookcover 01

Cathy loves her father and tries to make him proud of her, but everything she tried, never seemed to work.

Her shyness plays against her, and makes her a prisoner within her own mind.

She feels nothing in her nonexistent life could be made any better.

Until, she met him.

Rodrigo “Rod” Coram lives the life that most men fantasize about. He’s the owner of a fabulous club, The Orchid Lounge. He has great clients, great friends and the eyes of every woman around.

One thing Rod didn’t have was a woman to love.

Rod’s best friend Frank asked him for his help. He needed an extra groomsman for his cousin’s wedding.

That’s when fate brings an unloved woman, and a man looking for love, together.

New Love.  Secrets.  Regrets. Two people find each other, but their personal lives may keep them apart.


You can find an excerpt of “The Admission” on the Secret Cravings Publishing website.


I am willing to give away a PDF copy of “The Admission” for a giveaway. All they have to do is post a comment to this question: Have you ever admitted something to a friend or a family member that was good or bad and what was the outcome of your admission?

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