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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

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Author SJ Byrne ~ Paranormal

SJ, thanks so much for taking a moment to be here today.  I’m as intrigued by your writing as I know other readers are or will be.

Thank you all for stopping in. I’ll do my best to entertain you with fresh insights into who SJ is. If you have been following me on Facebook, you know I’m pretty much an open book. I love to laugh and keep those who are close to me smiling. It is this upbeat personality of mine that helps keep me balanced when I find myself having to write heavily dramatic scenes. My daughter is another factor of life that keeps me focused and on track. She is my co-author for an upcoming release and having her input has been invaluable. Our routine has recently been tossed into the air, but I believe it’s going to be a wonderful change of pace for us that will not only bring us closer together but allow some quality writing time.

I’ve been creating stories since grade school, and though I’m not where I want to be as an author, I’m not giving up on my dream. It’s taken a very long time to reconnect with who I am as a writer and stop procrastinating. Fear can be something to hinder or motivate—the choice is ours to make. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t see some crazy act or hear a wacky saying that just has to be put in a book.  “That’s going in a book” has become my calling card these days.

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Amnesia, dark dreams of a former existence, and a soul’s path split in two. Exactly what is Kirra Munro hiding from? ~ Once a Druid.  Due for publication April 25th, 2013


Once a Druid is a book I’ve been working on for nearly 17 years. I began typing the manuscript on an old Macintosh SE. I probably had close to 200 pages done wbookcover 02hen life threw a curve ball and the disc got lost in one of several moves. Thank goodness I’d chosen to print it out as I went along. I carried those pages in a box for the next 15 years as I moved around the United States (and once out of the country). During NaNoWriMo 2011 I decided to challenge myself to getting all those pages put back into the computer and get the book ready for publication—little did I know that would be the easy part. Going back through the manuscript so many years later created the daunting task of updating all the material that was definitely dated. I can only hope all the changes that have been made succeeded in creating a stronger story with an engaging plot. If you would like to check out an excerpt from Once a Druid, please visit my blog. http://sj-byrne.blogspot.com/2013/03/coming-april-25th-2013.html

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