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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

Author Montrée Whiles ~ Fiction; Across Multiple Genres

You’re on, Montrée.  I know the readers will love you.

Hi and thanks for having me, Grinelda.

I’m going to start by turning this guest post a little upside down.  The book I discuss is a collection of short stories I’ve done over time, mostly from a contest or two I’d participated in online a few years back.  Over the years, I’ve put my pen to a few things including contests, and school periodicals and miscellaneous literary doodling.  Discovering the self-publishing frenzy at the end of 2011 was the motivation for me to take writing seriously as an option.  So, I joined the fray.  A Voice from an Inner World served as a training tool as I navigated the learning curve which presented itself as an obstacle.  It continues to serve as a sampler of my writing.

Writing is a large part of my life now, whereas before, pottery was a major part of my life.  Though there’s still a place for pottery in my life, it’s more of a balancing endeavor than a major pursuit.  Reading, of course, is another interest, though now I read to learn to write better rather than for enjoyment.  I support the local arts community and in particular the local symphony.  Even some of the more entertaining books I come across are subject to that voice in my head that points out missed grammar errors, misspellings and poor word usage.  Not to say I’m perfect in these areas, but being able to recognize them helps me with my own writing.  There are no furry friends, aquarium dwellers or any other members of the animal kingdom sharing my residence.  As busy as I am, I would have no time to meet their needs.  It would be unfair to subject any animal (except maybe fish and turtles and snakes) to so little attention from me.  This absence of animal-kind in my life doesn’t mean I’m completely the lone wolf.  My friends and I meet up from time to time as our disparate schedules and obligations permit.  They have truly been most supportive of my writing efforts.

The support of friends is necessary, but there’s also a drive within to write.  If that weren’t present, I’d not have motivation.  One of the things that stokes the motivation to write are the characters I meet along the way.  Bogga Fat Cat, from the selection below, is one of those characters that brings a smile to my face.  He was written by the pen of Montrée Whiles.  I write under several noms de plume.  Where Montrée writes fiction across multiple genres, Satine Steele writes women-centered stories and books.  Rabiyah Hamnach writes fiction for women and young girls which centers around strong Muslim females.  Arachne Enterprises Publishing is the umbrella under which these authors write, are managed and ultimately self-published.

My ideas come from chance encounters, situations which arise on a day-to-day basis, and sometimes clear out of the blue in answer to “what if.”  I enjoy seeing where an idea leads and comes to a stop.  One thing that really does it for me also is the response I get in the form of feedback from readers.  I want to know what worked for them, what didn’t; which story they really resonated with.  I have several stories in work, one of which is Adrianna under the pen name Rabiyah Hamnach.  Satine Steele has a story in work, The Mountain Wilds.  Montrée’s next collection of short stories should be out hopefully in 2013, entitled, Of Black Holes and Universes.


Bogga Fat Cat here.  I’m just a big ol’ ball of Felinus Domesticus fur.  Startin’ on my ninth life, I am.  My ninth chance to do it up right.  I’m just layin’ here on the porch contemplatin’ my life.  Well actually watchin’ the field mice dodge back and forth thinkin’ they’re bein’ sly and all.  Jus’ tryin’ to get up the urge to go get me a little Meece Tartare.

I’m thinkin’ it’s time to settle down.  Ye know, pull up a nice fat pillow and kick back.  Time to stop chasin’ them cute lil balls of fluff caterwaulin’ down at the Cat Nip N Cream.  I have to say that last one I got my claws into yowled up a storm.  I still have a bruise in the ol’ noggin where the bottle came flyin’ out the window and hit me in the head.  I saw stars.  All I can remember before passin’ out is the high-pitched squallin’ Willow Wild Cat was doin’ as I dug my claws in deeper in surprise.  When I came to, I was paws up behind a trash barrel.

Don’t know how I got my tawdry tail home, but I did.  Only I arrived to find my People had other ideas for me.  I was stowed away in my car box and whisked off to that awful place where they pick and poke and I have to listen to the patheticbook cover a voice 09-10-12 yowls, howls, groans, moans, whimpers, chirpin’s, and other noises comin’ from the assorted inmates subjected to the same or similar fate as I.  All in all it could’ve been worse.  Some of my runnin’ mates have been to the same place and I never saw ‘em again.  I notice I been paddin’ around a little lighter on the hind paws since I got home.

Supposin’ I did take on the life of a true house cat?  I guess I could get to like it.  I mean regular ear scratchin’ and soft places to lay around in aren’t a bad trade off.  Let’s face it.  Meeces Tartare is a real acquired taste, if you get my meanin’.  I could get used to a more palatable diet that’s easier on the stomach.  Lazy days on the porch in Summer and warm evenings next to the fire in Winter have their appeal.

Yeah.  I think I’ll grab on to this last chance; chance number nine.  I’m sure I can even live with Little People tuggin’ at my fur and ears and pullin’ on my tail.  But, maybe I had ought to give a holler to Ol’ Tom down at the CatNip and Cream and let him know where I am so he can send a few balls of fluff my way from time to time.  I’m sure I can work up an interest in caterwaulin’ every now and again.


I’m giving away a free electronic copy of the book I discuss above by drawing.  Include your email in your comment below to be added to the drawing.  I will send a bookmark for a consolation prize.

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