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April’s Not Only For Fools Author Extravaganza

Author Name ~ Erotic Fiction

Thanks for spending time with us today, Yezall.  Take her away!

I work a job with crazy hours and writing is therapy for me.  I pull my muse by the ear and make her help me for the snippets of time I have had to write lately.  I am balancing that and taking care of my wonderful, understanding husband and our three furry dog babies.  The babies, Lily, MonkeyBoy, and Oscar are not as understanding.  They like to interfere whenever possible.

We live in Texas near Austin, and being near the ‘Music Capital of the World’, is exciting.  Everywhere you go is music, from blues to rock and everything in between.  Our favorite restaurant for fast food, Taco Cabana, is probably the only one we frequent that doesn’t have a live band.  Steak is a big thing here as well, and Texas Roadhouse is our choice for that.  Our selection for special occasions is La Margarita, can you guess why?  Actually, they have a drink called a Mexican Margarita which comes in a shaker, and is served like a Martini, YUM!

I consider myself to be active and try not to take life too seriously.  I enjoy the outdoors and due to the weather here in Texas, it’s easy to spend time hiking, biking, or just patio setting, which may or may not be a sport here.  Not having the ability to have any type of stable routine, lends to a chaotic, sporadic lifestyle, having to seize the moment when it presents itself.  I have a tablet that I have the Kindle app on and read my fellow authors from Horny Devil Publishing, among others whenever I have a spare moment.  Erotica is fun to read, and I also enjoy a mystery, or something paranormal.

I feel I must have been a writer in a previous life, or at least a storyteller.  It has come natural to me all my life to tell a story.  When written I still need the help of an editor because grammar isn’t my first concern.  Sounds awful I know, but when I tell a story verbally, I don’t have to worry about spelling, etc.  When I write, I am telling myself a story and I just don’t think about it.  As an adult, and since publishing my works, I have become more sensitive to the reader and try to present a more readable manuscript.  Since I have to write when I have the time, I have my laptop set up and usually have many windows open at the same time.  Having a quiet time for just writing is almost nonexistent.  I watch TV, surf the net, I know when I’m in the zone when, in the midst of all this goings on, I look up after seeing I have written 3k and find an hour or two has passed.  I usually have one of the dogs shoved up against me, under my elbow, which could account for the poor spelling occasionally.

In the beginning, I could never write more than one book at a time.  Now, I have several going at once.  Ideas will hit me at the craziest times and I scramble to find something to take a note.  Sometimes it’s an overheard conversation, or something I see, other times it seems to come from thin air.  It’s a concept, a what if, and I write it down and build a story around it mentally, later it becomes a book.  It’s my muse at work; she is extremely fickle and annoying.

I have always done my own covers, until recently when one was done for me.  I have done covers for others as well.  If I may do a shameless plug, http://coversbyyezall.weebly.com.   I have learned a lot from feedback from my peers.  I can see how I have grown by the covers I have made and I’m pretty proud of the newest ones.  Especially with EBooks, a cover is very important.  It has to be eye-catching as a thumbnail size.  Brilliant color splashes, readable titles and author names, all are crucial.

All my characters are someone, by that I mean, to me they are real people.  I may have known them in real life, but more than likely, I have made them up.  However, I know everything about them; to me they have depth and history.  Being able to convey that to the reader is the key.  The name of my favorite character is Ruark, he was in my story Windswept – War of the Elements.  He is a rouge and an assassin, put in charge of protecting a girl.  He feels it’s beneath him and is mean and hateful to her.  He reluctantly falls in love with her, classic.  I feel as though he is one of my best romantic characters.

Thanks for allowing me this chance to talk about my writing experience!

Glad to have you, Yezall.  But, There’s more!

Scorching-Erotica- by Yezall Strongheart


A Christmas Wish
Sacrifice is all Lori knows, until one magical evening she meets the mImage of sexy man wearing santa claus costumean of her dreams.
The naughty memories of the sizzling night she shared with the mall Santa keep a permanent smile on her face. But things have a habit of changing.

It gets hotter and crazier than she’d ever imagined possible Will her ultimate ‘Christmas Wish’ come true? http://www.amazon.com/A-Christmas-Wish-ebook/dp/B00APTCGGC

Space Opera/Romance-Adventure Mild Romance- by Yezall Strongheart

Captain Lanie Romein, A.K.A. The Ice Queen

This work in progress that will be published soon was once a serialized story on my website. It will remain there until I publish if you want a sneak peek!  It involves a girl who has a night of passion with a man from another planet.  bookcover 02When he doesn’t return for her, she sets out to find him.  Following her through the Space Academy and then on to her own spaceship, she has many exciting adventures, traveling to several planets.

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