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My Taco Soup

My Taco Soup

Taco Soup

(When i make it my way i get about 7qts which I then freeze in portions as desired.)

I make this in a 7-Quart Crock Pot ~ it goes a long way for a single person.

2 lb  ground beef

1      onion chopped

2 C   tomatoes with green chiles (or an ~10 oz can)

1 C   pork and beans (or an ~16 oz can) [i use bushs baked vegetarian beans]

1 C   pinto beans with jalapeños (or an ~16 oz can)

1 C   ranch-style beans (or an ~16 oz can)

1 C   whole kernel corn or hominy (or an ~16 oz can)

1 jar of salsa (hot as you like)

1 Envelope ranch style dressing mix

1 Envelope taco seasoning mix

Empty all the cans and the packets of mix into the crock pot.

Brown the ground beef with the onion in a saucepan, stirring until the ground beef is crumbly; drain.  Stir into the undrained tomatoes, undrained beans, undrained corn, salsa, salad dressing and taco mix.

Cook on high until boiling, then turn to lower setting, stirring occasionally.  Ladle into soup bowls.

Note:  You may freeze the soup in portions for future use and heat as needed.


1.  Serve with one or more of the following toppings:  shredded cheddar cheese, chopped fresh tomatoes, chopped fresh onion, chopped avocado, sour cream and/or tortilla chips.

2.  Crumble as many tortilla chips in the bottom of the bowl as you want then serve the soup over it.

3.  Or, use chips to scoop up the soup (I make mine more meaty than soupy) and eat.

I made these slight changes when I made it:

1 lb ground turkey and 2 lb ground beef

1-2 cubes of beef bouillon (cooked into meat after draining; dissolve in hot water before adding to meat mixture).

1 or more of the following additions:  chili ready diced tomatoes (I can only find this in a walmart brand not the peppers but the powder), rotel tomatoes and ground chili’s, black beans, fire roasted diced tomatoes, 1 cup fresh tomatoes and 3 -6 jalapeños (all chopped and sautéed with onions), 2-4 garlic cloves diced and sautéed with onion mixture, 1 bell pepper diced and sautéed with onion mixture.

Things I do:

*I rinse everything out of a can except the tomatoe sauces and baked beans.

*I cook my own black beans and garbos (garbos are optional).

*If I recently cooked pasta or rice, I add the leftovers to get rid of them.

*I use the corn with it’s juice.

*I rinse the hominy.

*I use both hominy and corn rather than either or.

*This serves well over rice, tortilla chips, in flower tortillas and probably corn tortillas.  It’s also nice as a bowl of stew.

*To tone down the heat, I use mild whereever possible and sub in more bell pepper for the hot peppers I sub out.

*I use a bit of sugar or honey as well.

*I intend to try this with chicken.  When I prep chicken for cooking, I boil it and then bone it; discarding the skin and bones of course.  I use chicken quarters rather than breast as I don’t have to worry about it getting dried out in the soup but removing the skin and bones and fat still is rather lean.

*To make this even more inexpensive and heart healthy substitute the additional varieties of beans for the meat.

*I degas my beans cooked by soaking for more than a day sometimes as long as 3 days.  I pour off the frothy water several times a day and replace it with clean water and salt then repeat.  When I cook the beans I rinse beans and replace the water several times after they come to a boil, then bring them up to a boil again.  After the final rinsing, once they’ve reached a roaring boil, I turn it down low which for me is 2 on my electric stove.

*Since this recipe makes a very large amount (~7 qts) I store them in small serving containers and keep them in the freezer, thawing only a few at a time.