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New Release By Susan Taylor

Welcome Marissa, glad you were able to visit today!

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What’s your name?

Marissa Silverpointe

Where do you come from?

Miami, Florida…specifically, the Atlantic Ocean.

Where do you live?

South Beach, Florida just off Ocean Drive

How old are you?

In human years, 24.

What are some of your fave pets or toys?

Dolphin. Bottlenose to be exact. And they’re not exactly pets, more like companions.

What are your hobbies, fave things to do, least fave things to do, skills and abilities?

Favorite things..hmm I love swimming in the sea, nude during the full moon. I can use a pitch of voice to communicate within the sonar range with animals. My least fave is cooking. I burn water. Really, I’ve scorched two pans. It’s an attention thing.

What challenges or crises are you facing in your life?

I’ve been married a year, and well it’s been a real period of adjustment.  Since he’s the first man I dated, uhh, LOL, a first in so many smexy things.

What are your fears, strengths, weaknesses?

I completely come undone around salt water. Literally. I’m tailed within 60 seconds. Even sea spray makes me bitchy, I mean itchy. Hard, since I live right here on the beach.

Do you have friends, sisters, brothers or other family members who figure in your life?

My family was killed when I was young. It was difficult entering foster care but I managed and met my soul mate.

What’s your job, career, occupation?

I’m a real estate broker and I specialize in beach development codes. I’ve a couple of good connections in the city planning office.

What levels of education have you completed which are standard to your community?

I’ve an undergrad degree in marketing and a broker’s license for the State of Florida. I won realtor of the year last year.

Tell us some things about yourself you want your audience to know.

Well, thing is I’m unusual in that I’m a mermaid. I know, sounds so out there but, it’s who I am. Doesn’t make me that different from you or your neighbor. I just have a thing where I have to return to the sea during the full moon. Some people have to get daily insulin injections or take allergy meds, well this is what makes me unique.

What do you like to eat?

Easy. Seafood. Love it all. Except sea cucumbers, they’re too slimy. I adore ceviche. And coffee. It’s the one thing I’ve learned to like that doesn’t come from the sea. That’s a lie. I actually like wine and cognac.

Tell us about any quirks, habits (good or bad), or oddities.

I sing in the shower. Loud. And if I’m not careful I break glass. You can’t imagine what it’s like busting a bathroom mirror.

How do people usually respond to you?

I think pretty well, considering they come to me wanting help in finding beach front property. I used to get hit on at work, but now being married, I flash my wedding ring and that stops the nonsense. Once a young boy saw me swimming and he followed me down the beach, stayed out there for hours. I was torn wanting to reveal myself and knowing it would change his life. I can’t mess with the fates or destiny.

If we were to hook up, where would we meet?

Definitely, Apex Realty. I work part-time now. My husband wants me to put that on the back burner considering my current state. He’s very protective.

If you disappeared, how would your absence affect folks around you?

Errr, my boss Sinclair would have a meltdown. He’d find a replacement but he’s good friends with my husband, so I know I’d see him again.


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Dee A Mony on March 17, 2013 :
Wow! This was truly unputdownable. I read it without even taking the time to blink. Wonderful heartwarming story about finding love when you are most alone, and being accepted just as you are –even with an iridescent tail.
(review of free book)

Lily Hobbart on March 08, 2013 :
Heartwarming but at the same time a hot tale.
After seeing the trailer I downloaded the novella. Fast-paced writing filled with sexual tension. Marissa and Wyatt are well drawn out characters, layered with vulnerabilities and strengths that make their attraction to each other all the more compelling. The sexy scenes sizzle and the ending happened way too fast. This is one of those stories I wished continued when it ended.


Thank you so much Grinelda. This was a pleasure!