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Blog Tour Guest Author ~ Olivia London

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Today we welcome Olivia London on her blog tour.  Please besure to comment below to welcome her.

Olivia London is the author of Loving Liam, Vacation Marriage, Bound by Love and Inviting Trouble: BDSM Romance, all published by Renaissance E-Books Sizzler Editions.  Her stand- alone story Naughty Girl Notebook is available from House of Erotica.  Other stories have appeared in anthologies including collections published by Xcite Books and Mischief.  She lives in Seattle  where she drinks too much coffee and prefers fantasy to reality.  Olivia may be reached by writing olivialondonstories@gmail.com.

Thank you, Olivia, for taking time out on your busy schedule to visit and share your book with us.

What do you like to do to balance the demands writing places on you?

I feel like I place demands on my writing, not the other way around.  I’m constantly beseeching my characters to help me out.  They know my situation: I’m not all that employable outside my craft.  Fortunately, the friendly folks who inhabit my head are quite randy and accommodating.

What is your perception of your personality?
If my personality could be a season it would be fall, late fall when the wind huffs at all those pumpkin-colored leaves and puts them in the air where they belong.  It rains a lot in my personality too so I guess it’s a good thing I live in Seattle.

What do you like to read?  What kind of music do you prefer?

I’ll read anyone with an Irish last name.  I wish Pete Hamill wrote more fiction.  After reading North River I wanted to live in the rough-and-tumble New York of the Great Depression even though – no doubt about it – I would have been a gangster’s mol and listed toward a bad end.

I don’t listen to a lot of music and I rarely watch movies.  I’m half-Italian so “Goodfellas” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” greatly appeal to my heritage.  In the latter film, Jimmy Stewart is criticized for wanting to help ‘a bunch of garlic eaters’ buy homes.  I like to imagine those first and second generation immigrants rising up to join ranks with Robert de Niro and Ray Liota so they could gently admonish a racist like old man Potter to pay his vig.

What prepared you for becoming a writer?

Certainly not my upbringing.  I recently read Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra and if you read that book you’ll never forget it.  You also won’t be able to tolerate pedophile-friendly authors who hide behind free speech.  I grew up in vice-ridden Central Florida not Hell’s Kitchen but like Mr. Carcaterra I had to fight for the right to read.  Where I come from reading is considered useless and downright lazy.  Why not spend a day at the track?  You’ll make more money!

The dysfunction and rage perpetrated against America’s lower-middle class doesn’t necessarily prepare anyone for the writing life.  Writing is just one way of fighting back.

What habits or routines do you find you must follow to be able to write?

I work best in the presence of disorder.  I like to pick up a book or a sweater or a plate and find something entirely unexpected… nothing gross, of course, just useful stuff in hiding like favorite pens, scrunchies, file folders, back issues of The New Yorker, you name it.  Whatever it is, I’ll find it eventually.

I drink coffee pretty much constantly and I have a ceramic mug that is my sine qua non because of its inspiring Thoreau quote.  When writing erotica I wear either green or taupe drawstring pajama bottoms.  I’d be embarrassed to be seen in these accouterments because they’re tatty and frayed at the bottoms but they’re so soft.  They’re soft like I want my heroines to be when they fall into the arms of their heroes.

How long have you been writing?

I’m a late bloomer and didn’t even consider myself a professional writer until I hit my thirties.  Both my grandmothers lived well into their nineties so I hope to inherit their longevity.  I have a lot of stories to tell!

Are you an independently published writer or a traditionally published writer?

I’ve focused so much on building relationships with traditional publishers I admire that I haven’t taken the self-publishing route.  It’s something to think about.  Writing is such a solitary pursuit; it’s nice to get feedback from editors and other professionals.

If you could meet one character from your writing, who would it be?

I love Liam, of course.  He’s got the starving artist thing goin’ on and I totally relate to that.  But Malachy in Inviting Trouble: BDSM Romance is a real sharpie and he gave me the story title Of Hibernian Bondage which was generous of him.  This may sound crazy but I talk to my people in my head and when they talk back I write down what they have to say.  It’s hard to pick a fave.  I love all my Hibernian hunks.  They know the women who adore them have them on a pedestal and they’re okay with that.  The nonstop adulation doesn’t make them claustrophobic or arrogant.  They’re good sports, these men.  They really are.

What is something you’d like the reader to know about you or your writing?

I’m an activist as well as a purveyor of fiction.  Like most writers, I’m trying to earn a living, sure.  But I also feel writers have a responsibility to use their skills for a greater good.  I also primarily write erotic romance as opposed to erotica.  My characters are typically in loving relationships or striving to obtain a committed union.  My stories are typically HEA but not because a happy ending is a quick fix.  I simply like the way I feel when my characters get what they want.  Some of my people go through holy hell and if they have great sex it’s because they’ve earned it.

Which one of your publications will you be sharing in the interview?

Loving Liam

Why did you choose this one?

It’s a novella as opposed to a story collection.  My other titles with Sizzler Editions are short story collections.

What do you think and feel about this publication?

This book showcases some of my best writing.  It was a blast to create and it helped me confront some of my own issues with trust in a relationship.

Who is your favorite character?

Liam!  It’s all about Liam and the ability he has to bring out the best in his partner.  Vince Viperbin is a delightful cad and, despite his pushy demeanor and inappropriate screen savers, I admired his ambition.

How did you decide on the title?

I wanted a title that celebrated the hero.  Leda loves her man not for what he does to pay the bills but for who he is.  The smell of his sweater.  A favorite pen he uses to write great things.  The way his head cants when she talks to him and she can tell he’s really listening.  No matter what happens between them Leda knows she’ll spend the rest of her life loving Liam.

Are any of the scenes or storylines in your book real life experiences?

No, this is completely a work of fiction.

Is your book born purely of imagination?



Loving Liam

Leda always dreaded the holiday season until a co-worker from GUYO (Give Us Your Opinions) invited the lovely lass to a party where she met… him.  Liam was a classic Renaissance Man whose latest job was teaching at the prestigious BALI (Bay Area Literary Institute).  Soon, Leda and Liam were loving each other with a passion that outshines the brightest of gifts.  But a mash note from a student threatens to bookcover 01douse the flame and leave Leda heartbroken.  Leda eventually confronts Liam and he leaves.  Will their love survive the wreckage of temptation?  Only the brightness of their love can pull them from the darkness of mistrust, back to each other’s arms.


Loving Liam was like being introduced – on a daily basis – to all of my senses.  Ever since high school, I had started my mornings with a pot of coffee and a slice of toast.  I had never given this ritual much thought.  Now that I was dating a coffee connoisseur, I really tasted this elixir for the first time with a Where have you been all my life gratitude.  Each day I found ways to give back to the world and be thankful for my beau ideal of masculine bounty.  Maybe I’d tip a barista a little extra or promptly return a phone call from my hyper-critical mother.  I know it sounds corny but it’s true: while other men made me wish I were better educated or of a more prepossessing appearance, Liam had me longing to be a better person.

The sound of his brogans bounding up the stairs to our flat in North Beach sent my heart soaring to the firmament.  Sighting Liam’s favorite pen left on my desk expanded my capacity for joy.  Liam was always particular about his pens: if he left his favorite behind, that must mean something, right?  The smell of his clothes could halt me in my tracks as I pressed my face to one of his Aran sweaters wishing I could weave myself into the cable knit and travel in its spoor.  Oh, but the taste of Liam!  My mouth pressed to his warm skin was the most saporific sensation I had ever known.

I wanted to give Liam everything a woman could possibly give.

At least that was the excuse I gave for waking him up with oral sex every morning.

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