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Guest Author ~ Bebe Balocca

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I’m happy to have Author Bebe Balocca with us today.  Taker her away Bebe!

About the author:

My house is bustling with my husband of eighteen years, two sons in high school and one in preschool, two dogs, and two cats. It’s never quiet, but I do have my own space for writing. I live in a teeny town of 450 in rural Tennessee, surrounded by lots of farmland and fields full of horses and cows.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and am a voracious reader. Under a different name, I’ve written articles for magazines and an educational company for years, but I am smitten with erotic romance! I take my mini dachshund, Scarlett, with me to my office every day. She’s my work buddy. My family keeps me busy, and I also enjoy socializing with friends and family in our close-knit community.

My first erotic romance was published in October 2012. By mid-March, I’ll have six titles out with Total-E-Bound and Ellora’s Cave. My books have various themes – humor, paranormal elements, emotional drama, exotic locations – but they all have one thing in common: explicit erotic scenes. The cover of “Bubbles and Troubles” features Brock, who is over two hundred years old, and Carmen, a belly dancing lawyer.

The Fair Folk of Prescott Woods are a lot of fun to write about. I love how they get to cast glamours and appear other than they are. I admire Carmen because she’s such a bold and independent person. I loved writing about a woman who broke away from a lifestyle that didn’t fulfill her and found one that did, all by herself. Like me, she’s forty years old. I wanted Carmen to be confident, smart, funny, and sexy, like my favorite female friends.

My romances have some unconventional and X-rated sex scenes, but there’s an undercurrent of tender true love in them. The characters in my books tend to be unpretentious and likable, although they have plenty of hurdles and quirks to work through. I strive to make readers laugh, cry, and get really turned on in my books.


I’m giving away a copy of “Bubbles and Troubles” because I been living and breathing Charade, Kentucky, for the last month or so. I’m in the process of writing book two of the series and I have a free short story that is set in Prescott Woods now available on the Total-E-Bound site. It’s called “At the Rainbow’s End”. I love the setting of the Prescott Woods stories – a small town next to a magic woods – so I am thrilled to bring this series to life. The character of Mephita the gnome tickles me a lot, but I’ve totally got a crush on Brock. I’d love to run my fingers bookcover 01through that wild, silky gray hair of his. The title is mean to convey a sense of playfulness and mystery, and the bubbles allude to the natural spa that’s hidden in the woods. I’ve never taken a mud bath, but after researching for and writing the mud bath scene in this book, I’m dying to give it a shot. I loosely based the town of Charade on my hometown, but otherwise the work is entirely fictional.


Carmen loves living in Charade, Kentucky. The quirky Appalachian village is everything that Chicago wasn’t. Populated by modern day New Agers, Charade is like Mayberry with tie-dyed shirts, organic food, and incense thrown in for flavour.

When Calvin Prescott makes plans to sell his land to a high-end property developer, Carmen fears that the town she calls home will be changed forever. A new neighbourhood of multi-million dollar mansions would spell disaster for Charade’s simple, small town charm.

Brock and his family moved to Prescott Woods over two hundred years ago. Like the other magical beings of the woods, they are immortal and imbued with special powers. Destruction of Prescott Woods would mean more than a change of pace for Brock and his kind—it would mean death. Brock can take on the appearance of anything—including animals of all sizes and shapes—in order to get closer to Carmen and save his home.

As Carmen learns more of the secrets of Prescott Woods, she finds that Brock is irresistibly strokeable, regardless of his appearance. She also uncovers danger, family drama, and the most luxuriant subterranean spa she can imagine.


Brock continued, “Old man Prescott, after all these years, came into the woods with some business types. They talked about chopping down the trees, laying water pipes and electrical wires, and building luxury homes for rich folks.”

“Yes, I’d heard pretty much the same thing. The thought of Prescott Woods being demolished is upsetting, but the laid-back nature of Charade being lost is just unthinkable. But it’s Prescott’s land, right? What can we do to stop him?”

After guzzling the remainder of his herbal tea, Brock fixed her with his arresting sapphire blue eyes. “Calvin Prescott, like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, and great-great-great-grandfather, does not own the woods. He, like his forebears, is simply a caretaker. The Fair Folk—specifically, my family—own both the woods and the Prescott house. About two hundred years ago, my father had Prescott Manor built. He allowed the Prescott family to live there with the understanding that they would maintain the secrecy and safety of Prescott Woods. Old Man Prescott, apparently, has decided to renege on his family’s vow. We’re not going to stand for that.”

Carmen tried to concentrate on his words, but his body was more than a little distracting. She watched his face, transfixed. He ground his jaw in anger and his bronzed cheekbones jutted out like blades. Brock’s wild grey hair stood up on end, but, instead of making him look older, it gave glorious contrast to his smooth, warm brown skin. Carmen blushed, thinking that, although he appeared to be fully dressed in shorts and t-shirt, Brock was fully exposed in front of her.

Carmen looked up from his crotch and caught him staring at her, amusement glittering in his eyes. “Come here, Carmen,” he said as he stood. “They’re not going to chop down the woods in the next hour. I want to show you something.” He took her hand and led her back to her bedroom.

Carmen’s pulse raced when he shut the door behind them. She didn’t know if it was terror or wild desire coursing through her, but she was dizzy with excitement from one or the other. Brock took a pillow from her bed and placed it on the floor in front of his feet. At once, the glamour melted away from him and he was clad in her short robe once more. Brock untied it and tossed it away. Carmen swallowed with difficulty. A gorgeous, shining erection sprang from his groin. Carmen caught the faintest whiff of musk from him—woodsy, earthy, and green-sweet like new grass. She watched, frozen with lust, as he took the huge organ in his fist and pumped it slowly. “You keep looking at it, Carmen,” he whispered. “Don’t you want to taste it?”

Carmen’s mouth fell open. A million reasons why not flickered through her mind like a shuffling deck of cards. It’s not what nice girls do, you don’t even know this man, he’s a peeping tom, he’s far too presumptuous, he might be dangerous…

Then she looked back down.

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