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Horny Hump Day February 6, 2013

Welcome, the change of venu for my Horny Hump Day (HHD) posts has finally occurred.  I look forward to the new digs and to reading comments from everyone.

Glad you joined me for my leg of this Horny Hump Day.   I return to, Ailbhe and Ciara, which is a work in progress (WIP).  You’ll find other snippets and nibbles for this work of progress on my blogger.  Just to refresh your member Ailbhe and Ciara are visiting earth from their home world.  All men on their world have died out.  Ciara in previous HHD posts is coming to grips with the new sexual feelings she’s experiencing with the first man she’s ever seen.  She’s confused by the sexual energies which are growing stronger between her and Braydon.  Her and Braydon are resting in the aftermath of this first encounter.

Ciara shifted so she was nested against Braydon’s chest and spooned into his body. She stroked his hand as it fondled her still erect nipples before she spoke.

How many times can we do it before it stops working?

Hope you enjoyed this segment of Ailbhe and Ciara.

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I look forward to seeing you again next week.  There’s always room for more participants and visitors on Horny Hump Day.

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