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Author Danielle Austen

Today Danielle Austen is visiting Grinelda’s Blog to talk about herself the individual, the writer, and also to discuss her book, and other things. Please give her a warm welcome by commenting below.

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What is your perception of your personality?
There are three versions of me – the polite, all-business day job me, the goofy, fun-loving and occasionally moody me that my husband and friends know, and the friendly but reticent erotica author. The three circles don’t tend to mix though! Generally I think I’m amiable and sarcastically funny, albeit slightly reserved and a little introverted.

What do you like to read? What kind of music do you prefer?
I don’t get as much time to read as I’d like, but when I do it’s usually paranormal romance, erotica, and young adult stories. As for music it sounds like a cliché but I really do like something from every genre, from classical to screamy heavy metal. Right now I’m in love with “Lotus” by Christina Aguilera – it’s the best pop album I’ve heard in years and Christina’s such an admirably feisty, sexy woman.

What habits or routines do you find you must follow to be able to write?
I need to be alone in the room, listening to some instrumental music (typically film or TV scores from the likes of Clint Mansell and Michael Giacchino), drinking cup after cup of Brazilian coffee.

What is your writing style. Why do you think your writing style is such as it is?
My style comes from a combination of my direct personality, how my own fantasies and turn-ons work, and my somewhat nerdy taste in TV, films and books. As such my writing is to-the-point, covering a variety of different sexual acts and situations rather than focussing purely on, say, a couple or a MMF threesome, and is full of little references to things I like.  For instance Dmitri’s hangout, Abattoir 5, is a direct reference to Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughter House Five”.

What do you write?
I write erotica rooted in urban fantasy, where extraordinary things happen in an otherwise ordinary, modern world. Though there is a romantic aspect, the primary focus is on a complex story and frequent, varied sex scenes. I’m currently doing ebooks but I’m hoping that hardcopies and/or audiobooks may come in the future.

What do like and dislike about writing?
I love writing; it’s a great outlet for the crazy slut who hangs around in the back of my mind, and having the opportunity to tell the stories in my head is immensely rewarding. However, with a job and a husband and a social life, trying to find the time to write can be difficult, and I have lost plenty of sleep getting up early to write. The sore back and numb arse that comes from sitting in the same chair for hours can be annoying too!

What author has inspired you most in your writing?
The book that inspired me to start writing was “The Hand of Amun” by Juliet Hastings. I’d never read anything like it; I couldn’t believe how well a complex, paranormal-edged storyline ran alongside a constant stream of incredibly filthy and varied sex scenes. After reading that book a light bulb went on in my head.

What is the hardest review or criticism you’ve had about your writing and how did you deal with it?
The first time you read a bad review for your work is a pretty horrible experience. Putting so much time into creating something only to have someone casually dismiss it can really hurt. That said, almost all of the criticism I’ve received has been about the high frequency of sexual content in my book, and that’s fine. People want different things from erotica.

Which one of your publications will you be sharing in the interview?
The Magician’s Lover:  Book 1 in the Prophecy Girl Trilogy.

Why did you choose this one?jausten cover image
It’s my debut novel, and so the only one I currently have available! The second book is now in the edits stage, however.

What do you think and feel about this publication?
I’m really proud of it. Yes, if I wrote it again today then there’d be things I’d do differently, but part of the creative process is knowing when to just stop editing. What I really wanted to do was write the kind of erotica that I want to read, and I accomplished that.

Who is your favorite character?
I know I should probably say Lindsey, as she’s the heroine and there are aspects of her personality and her turn-ons that come from a very personal place, but honestly it’s Cammie.  She’s a dirty bitch with a filthy mouth; but then she’s also a great friend to a very difficult girl, is totally faithful to her boyfriend, and despite her confidence really struggles to admit her darkest kinks. It’s easy to understand why Lindsey has a friend-crush on her!

How did you decide on the title?
To begin with it was called “Solus”, a reference to the story’s secret society of magi.  As a previously unpublished author I’m an unknown quantity, so a mysterious title like “Solus” could easily have just been ignored, whereas “The Magician’s Lover” tells you right away that there’s going to be a magician and he’s going to have a lover. The “Prophecy Girl Trilogy” was the original title for the trilogy, and references the ancient prophecy that is the impetus for the whole trilogy.

Shy receptionist Lindsey Wade can’t believe her luck when a chance encounter with world-famous stage magician Angelito Tarrago leads to an affair. But when he tries to convince her that he possesses genuine supernatural powers – and she might too – her life changes for ever.

Pulled between her safe, comfortable life and the glamorous, erotic world of magic, Lindsey delves deeper; uncovering a secret society, long-buried lies, and sides to herself that she didn’t know existed.

Is her lover telling the truth? Could she really be the subject of an ancient prophecy? And who is the mysterious man following her around?

Book One in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy with mixed themes including paranormal, fantasy, mystery and suspense, m/f, f/f, menage and sex in public.

Lindsey lightly shut her eyes and replayed the evening again, trying to cover every available angle just in case she had missed a crucial detail.  Teagan was bringing her onstage. The magician spoke while the metal bed was set up.  Lindsey was being asked to help with the trick. The audience laughed.

The music in Lindsey’s living room started to become inaudible, her eyes closing further as the memory became increasingly vivid. The business card slipped loosely out of her fingers.

The top strap of the contraption was being brought across Lindsey’s chest. She looked down to watch it being fastened, then raised her eyes to see the person restraining her. Teagan’s sparkling blue eyes locked into a lustful gaze with Lindsey’s. The assistant’s hands moved ever so slightly over Lindsey’s breasts as the strap moved across her chest, her nipples quickly tightening and growing, waves of subtle pleasure moving through her chest and then continuing downwards. The second strap was attached just above her jeans. This
time Lindsey did not feel Teagan’s touch but she wished she had. Her crotch burned with desire, moisture soaking through her delicate underwear. Suddenly there was no vision. Just feeling. The blindfold must have been placed over her eyes.

She felt the weight of denim moving down her body until her jeans were off her legs completely, her black underwear swiftly following; the insides of her thighs wet with her juices. Two hands simultaneously pushed her legs apart at the ankles and the third strap was attached, pinning her completely against the cold steel. She felt free; the folds of skin below her small triangle of dark blonde hair were open and eager, but she didn’t know whether the satin sheet was raised or whether the whole crowd could see her, completely on display from the waist down. Nothing moved and no sound was made.

Suddenly her head jerked back and banged harshly against the metal and a startled yelp slipped her parted lips as she felt wet pressure on the rigid bud of her clit. The tongue moved in short, sharp circles, teasing her, sending powerful shockwaves of pleasure through her entire body that left her panting and swearing under her breath. For a short time she didn’t know whose tongue it was, and the not knowing excited her even further. It was only when the mouth closed around her and she felt the slight grain of stubble and the pressure of a masculine nose that she realised it must be the magician. He worked her softly, his tongue probing her gently but deliberately, before it slid inside her, to where no tongue had ever been. Her face burned; heat built up in her very core and increasingly loud moans fell from her mouth until her entire body convulsed with an eruption so strong that it prevented her from making a sound.

Lindsey opened her eyes suddenly. It took her several seconds to realise where she was.  The CD had finished playing and her living room was in total silence. She looked down at herself. One bra strap was halfway down her arm, the breast jutting out of its cup, her swollen pink nipple softening even as she looked at it in confusion. Her panties were taut around her knees, her legs spread. She realised with horror where her hand was, and quickly pulled away from herself like an arachnophobe that had accidentally almost touched a spider.

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