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Over the last several months, I’ve been working hard to get my WordPress followship up to 100 followers.  I’ve come a long way to reach 84 followers.  Today, I’m taking a moment to thank those who have followed my blog, all of you.  Thank you all for the follows.  Though I’ve only chosen, randomly, a few WP blogs to link to below, my heart-felt thanks go out to everyone who has followed me.  Next, I’ll start the campaign to get my blogger number up.

One thing I’ve found is I can follow any blog from either my wordpress or my blogger by adding the url on the dashboard (blogspot.com) or (wordpress.com/#!/read/following then click the edit option) after you’ve logged in.

The diversity found in the list of folks who have followed this blog makes it all worth the effort of my posting and popping in from time to time to comment on other blog posts.  Below the cut you’ll find humour (rebald and sweet), steamy content, and other content which falls somewhere in between.

To Be Aware – Intuitive writing – My favourite tool for self development

Patricia Green Books – Give the Gift of Bourbon & Branch Water

PL Blair Portals – 5 Stars for The Hobbit movie

P. C. Zick – To Everything There is a season

A fine day for an epiphany About – Tunisian Turkey: A Feast to be Thankful For

Angus48’s Blog – A short story for your enjoyment- Happy Holidays

Tallulah Rose – Erotica – Hump Day Hook

Author Shiralyn J. Lee – Excerpts from 3 of my books

Ressa Empbra – Caught in the Dragon Cove: Chapter Three

The Jiggly Bits – The Magic Bottle

And Then There Was One – Maybe the final pages….?

Ella Medler – More Awards and Thank Yous

Break Room Stories – He Tried to Fight the Parking Lot, he Lost we all Won

Lily Petal – Heartbeats

Shaven Wookiee – Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies #19

Carrie-Anne Brownian – Six Sentence Sunday—Priceless Christmas Gift