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Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot
By Grinelda Markowitz
Originally guest blogged to The Afterdark World July 2012.

Writing erotica for me is like playing with fire in a gamer’s universe in which the setting changes without notice.

Some writers pen across multiple genres successfully. Other writers find their niche in a specific genre or sub-genre and do very, very well in their chosen specialty. The latter is no less acceptable an approach to writing than the former.

The same goes for readers. People read according to their tastes. Some only enjoy a narrow genre range while others are very eclectic readers. Readers of erotica, however, many times find their reading preferences are more diverse across the various classifications of writing.

When writing erotica, it amuses me that I have the luxury of writing in a fantasy mode or sci-fi mode or even in a dark horror mode. Erotic content is the fabric of the tapestry which hangs on the framework of the genre of choice. Writers of erotica have the reading universe at their fingertips. The starscape is the limit.

When I sat down to write The Moon-Kissed Chi (TMKC), which is the first book in my Kalaydan Chronicles series, I wasn’t expecting the resulting book. Actually, I spent the first few chapters chuckling to myself and rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. I found myself slapping myself on the back over some of the homages carefully tucked away in many of the scenes. I’m sure the old adage about the defendant who is his own attorney might be stretched to apply to the writer who laughs uncontrollably at their own funnies.

Though the heat level in TMKC oscillates between “Texas summer” hot and “balmy seaside days” warm, it’s not inconceivable to write an erotic tale which maintains scorching heat or tepid mildness throughout. It’s kinda like eating preferences, some writers prefer a spicier diet than others. Whether you’re looking for volcanic heat or baby-bottle warmth, you’ll find a diverse range of sexual climate woven engagingly throughout the pages of The Moon-Kissed Chi.


In the City of Kalaydan, Arrinay and Bezhyanya, the senior members of the ruling family, are faced with the early maturation of their daughter, Gayadnae. She must start the training. It’s Kalaydan law. Their daughter has other ideas. After concocting a plan to avoid responsibility and almost succeeding in carrying it out, Gayadnae’s life takes an unexpected turn.

Grayt, the ever-present serving woman to Arrinay, fills many roles and has her fingers in a number of pies. There’s definitely more to her than is apparent on the surface. Besides coordinating activities in the Main House, keeping the young mistress in line, and talking to horses, Grayt seems to have a more secret mission along with a few more grave responsibilities.

A hint of trouble on the horizon and other darker activities weave their way through the backdrop of this delightful tale of the city of Kalaydan. Buy The Moon-Kissed Chi at Smashwords.com.


“Lay back,” she instructed.

She touched the stone hanging around her neck. Her hair seemed to catch fire and the swirling colors in the black of her eyes returned. His cod-baby nuzzled her palm. He reached up and pulled her towards him in an embrace. She returned his kiss. The world took on a dreamlike quality. She stood up, releasing his koq as she did and the stone glowed a bright orange-red between her breasts. She called to him then took off running across the bushy terrain. She turned slowly to look over her shoulder.

“Come on. What are you waiting for?” She giggled.

He rose sluggishly to his feet and bounded after her. Cities passed and he pushed ahead faster. Strange people turned to look at them as they passed. He could not close the distance between them. Somewhere between where their blanket lay and the here and now, the here and then, his clothes had fallen away.

His cod-baby slapped against his belly as he struggled against great resistance to reach her. Her pace slowed as they approached a place of swirling colors and light. As he came up to a stop behind her, his cod rared and undulated and snaked up her back.

The clawed hands of faceless creatures with winged backs reached out for them and drew them in. As they entered this place, they were enveloped in a group embrace. Hands stroked and caressed them. He felt a tightening around his koq even tighter than Grayt’s grip during their earlier romp.

She turned; all smiles and needle-like teeth. Her eyes glinted with bright colors in the black of their depths. Her fingers clawed and raked his chest. The hands lifted her and wrapped her legs around his torso. He pulled her head back by the hair.

He wanted to talk, to speak, to bellow loudly, but there was no sound. There were no words. He braced himself against the wall of hands and bodies behind him. The feathers of the faces around them tickled his back as they brushed against him. He moved her by the hips from his snaking limb and found the further away he pulled her from his groin the more of his man-flesh which slid from her orifice. He slid her down again. Her legs held him with the strength of a smithy’s embrace.

She brought his mouth close to her jiggling breasts and he sank his teeth into her flesh. She tasted of forest leaf mold and sweet water and fire ash and the heady scent of all manner of flowers. Her juices ran down his thighs. Her keen of ecstasy was soundless. The hands of many Faerhën fondled his balls and raked his skin and pinched his nipples. Their forms entwined and undulated around the two in orgiastic frenzy.

He bit deeper into her flesh and tasted the flow of her life blood. Her moist, wet tunnel pulsed around his throbbing shaft. He frigged his living cod against the walls of her tunnel. A whirlwind engulfed them both and he shot yet another load of seed into the bowels of her belly.

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