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Today Pat Blair is visiting to talk about herself the individual, the writer, and also to discuss her book, and other things.  Please give her a warm welcome by commenting below.

About the Author

I’m a native of Texas, currently transplanted (for the past 20-plus years) to Sheridan, WY., and sharing my home with one of my Texas sisters and a menagerie of four dogs and a cat. When I’m not writing, I’m reading – a lot of SF and fantasy, but I’m eclectic. I also enjoy history and historical fiction, paranormal romance, nonfiction.

I think the biggest influence on my writing career was my grandfather, who introduced me to the wonderful world of books when I was around 2 or 3 years old. He read to me – until I was old enough to read for myself. Books became a huge part of my life, something I wanted to share with others.

I’ve always wanted to write fiction – I’m a story-teller at heart – but my career started as a newspaper writer. There’s a practical side of me that figured I should actually be able to support myself while I was developing skills as a writer. So I took journalism classes, then spent 30 years as a reporter before it hit me that, if I was going to “make it” writing fiction, I needed to actually … start writing fiction! So at age 59, I sat down and wrote Shadow Path, book 1 in my Portals fantasy-detective series.

That and subsequent books have been published by Studio See Publishing LLC here in Sheridan – which started when a recently widowed friend here became my beta reader. Partway through that process, the friend, Pam See, said she’d always wanted to run a publishing company – and asked if she could use Shadow Path as her launch. Two people with interlocked dreams …

I love writing. It’s pure fun watching letters turn into words turn into stories. Promoting is the hard part for me, ’cause I’d rather spend more time writing, spinning out my tales. Portals – the series – combines my two favorite genres, magic and detectives – “JRR Tolkien (my favorite fantasy writer) meets Sherlock Holmes.”

My series is based on the premise that all the creatures of our myth and fantasy really exist on a world parallel to our own. Gateways separate our worlds. In ancient times, the gates were open, so the beings of this other world moved freely between the two, and our ancestors met elves, wizards, dragons … Then the gates were closed, but in the near future, they’ve opened again. Wizards, elves, etc. have returned to our world – and they’ve brought their magic with them.

And some of them use that magic to commit crimes.

The Blurb

He was born without a soul … called into being with only one purpose: to bring death to women who are caught in his seductive snare. Will Kat, Tevis and their allies stop him? Or will Kat become another of his growing tally of victims?

The Publication

The book I’m sharing today is Deathtalker – book 3 in my series. My publisher is re-releasing all of my print books as ebooks, and Deathtalker is the newest – just out as of last month. Book 1 in the series, Shadow Path, introduced my main characters: Corpus Christi police detective Kat Morales, her partner Tevis – who’s an elf – along with their wizard ally Arvandus, Arvandus’ P.L. Blair - Death Stalkernephew, Gairth, and a djinn, Achmed, a character of questionable morality who can be as much hindrance as help.

Tevis is my favorite character. First, I adore elves, and second, Tevis as he insinuated himself into my mind is a little bit Sherlock Holmes and a little bit Illya Kuryakin, another of my favorite characters from the Man From Uncle TV series which I watched faithfully in the 1960s.

Deathtalker is the first book I wrote using multiple points-of-view – and the first in which I wrote some scenes from the villain’s POV. The title is a play on words. In Irish legend, there’s a supernatural creature – always portrayed as a handsome young man – who wandered through the countryside, stopping at villages long enough to seduce young women. The girls would be so smitten with this creature – the “lovetalker” – that when he left, as he inevitably did, they would pine away and die. It occurred to me that the Irish lovetalker had similarities to a modern-day serial killer. And I thought … What if one of these “lovetalkers” decided to use his power deliberately to kill his victim … so that he could absorb her life force as she’s dying? So he isn’t only a serial killer but a kind of psychic vampire who has left a string of corpses in his wake.

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