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Some Regulars In My Virtual ‘Verse

I thought I’d share some of the bloggers in my virtual ‘verse with whom I network frequently.  Keep in mind, some of them contain content which is PG-13 and others don’t.

Patricia Green Books
Jenna Jaxon
Kathryn R. Blake
Carrie-Annes Magick Theatre
Hotter Than Blood Erotica
Author Nikki Prince
Anjie Harrte
Dark Erotica Author Anthony Beal
Jennifer Lowery~Author
Rosanna Leo
Jamallah Bergman
P. C. Zick
Ruth Layne
P. L. Blair
Ella Quinn ~ Author
Pippa Jay

The next time I do one of these posts, I’ll try to have more wonderful additions to my virtual ‘verse.