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Now What Was That Password?

With writing comes the need to promote your books. If you’re an indie writer, it does. You might start with Goodreads and a Facebook, a new email address and perhaps Twitter. Not bad so far, right? But, what if you have multiple noms de plume for which to establish a virtual presence? You would then create accounts for each individual name. I ran into this problem. It becomes overwhelming quickly. Not having the greatest memory, I found I had trouble, after the fifth or sixth social medium, recalling passwords and usernames. I created an XCel file to accommodate all of the information in one place. I listed the social media down the left side and the author names across the top. The appropriate information then goes in the corresponding cell. Easy, peasey, huh? The only challenge now is to remember to update whenever a username or a password changes or I add additional social media. I use auto-complete, but sometimes, when the cookies aren’t working properly or there are site issues, auto-complete may not work. I then have to enter the information into the fields manually. This reduces the passwords and usernames I have to try to recall.


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