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Sorry, ma’am, it Would Seem Your Baby Is Presenting In The Breech Position

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“Sorry, ma’am, it would seem your baby is presenting in the breech position.”  Definitely something a mother-to-be doesn’t want to hear.  How commonly, though, does a writer deliver their work arse first?  Margaret Mitchell, of Gone With the Wind fame, wrote the final moments of her best-selling novel first.  Though I don’t consider myself in her league of writers, I have hope that my current writing pursuits won’t prove disastrous.

The title of this post is actually inspired by a line from the popular series, Call the Midwife, which airs once a week on PBS.  I empathized with the midwife who was challenged with the breech delivery of a patient.  This, by a woman with little self-esteem and oodles of potential, was a particularly difficult undertaking and, more so, a scary one.

When I wrote The Kalaydan Chronicles:  Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi, it was on a lark.  I was elated with the discovery of self-publishing and feeling a bit snarky in this new knowledge.  So, I sat down and started to write.  I figured I’d write a book.  This baby of mine, my first, was born head-first fortunately.  An easy birth.  You can imagine my relief that it was so so.  This first major writing endeavor proved a teaching tool by which I became familiar with all the elements which go into the epublishing process.  Fortunately the attending midwives this first birth, most notably, Peggy, and a few others, were there to talk me through the process and provide support, commentary, and constructive criticism.

The Gestation Period Of A Writer’s Work

The second book in the series, The Training, is not progressing so smoothly.  I find I’m actually writing various scenes and chapters occurring at various time frames in the story.  Though I’ve started on the opening chapter, it would seem the flow of writing is frequently blocked at some place along the chute as I attempt to further this section along.  Things flow slowly and require a great deal of strain on my part to expel.  The other flashes of inspiration, however, flow from the pen like toothpaste from a constricted tube.  Oddly enough, the storyline for book four, the last book, is etched indelibly in my mind.

Scared, yes.  A little, a lot.  I feel the great degree of my inexperience and my shaky foundation for writing.  Am I gonna give up?  Not on your life.  Endure the pains and demands of breech birthing a story.  Yes.  I trust in the resources and support I know are available as I forge ahead.  Most of all, though the birthing may bring me a great deal of frustration and annoyance, sweetness and joy, I accept what is for what it is.

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