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Yeh — I Wanna Write!

Content below the cut is PG-13.

I say I’m a writer.  Yeh, I write.  Saying it is music to my ears.  There are many things a person is; and, there are many things a person does.  Sometimes the who-we-are and the what-we-do merge into the same thing.

Grinelda does pottery, reads as time permits, loves to cook and try new recipes, works a soul-sucking day job or two, supports the local symphony and arts community, oh, yes, and writes.  She rises early and gets to bed even earlier the next morning.  I’ve organized my living room around my writing function (a perk of being single and living alone).  It’s easy to shove things aside for annoying things like eating and watching tv.

Though I like structure in my life, I am terribly unstructured in my approach to things.  I change things around on my to-do list on a whim, especially if I decide to do something else or if I become engrossed in something else.  Yet, my writing things are organized, easily accessible, and well-used though well-maintained.  Procrastination is something I’ve become rather skilled at even above my other abilities.  There are other things I am:  a fierce defender of what I believe is right, respectful of the privacy of others, and honest to a fault.  So how does who I am merge with what I do?  All of this blends wonderfully, like the marriage of dark chocolate with peanut butter and white chocolate, into Me.  The essence of myself.

So, writing has taken over much of my daily lifestyle.  It’s become who I am as much as what I do.  My personal values and beliefs which have been around for nearly a half century are as much a part of who I am as what I do.  It’s interesting to see the merging of me, the writer, with me, the who-I-am.  I find the integrity with which I approach life governs many aspects of my writing.  I’m not able to let myself get away with the avoidance behaviours that haunt my writing efforts yet, the stubborn self prevents my becoming too hard on myself.  A basket case in the making.

Calvin and Hobbes

From Ruth Layne’s blog post “Proverbial “They”: The No. 1 Tip of Successful Writers”

‘Get over yourself and write already!’  From Ruth Layne‘s blog post ~ Proverbial “They”: The No. 1 Tip of Successful Writers

So, with all this deep understanding of what makes myself tick, it’s the statement above which resolves any dilemma, or concern.  Managing my time and getting it done are more easily accomplished, when I get over myself and write already.  I suppose at some point down the line I should explore the essence of my self while dynamic yet composed of elements which have always been there, just in differring degrees of prominence.


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