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I know now why I like onions so much . . . .

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I finally had to get firm with myself.  Finish something, no more starting on new ideas.  Though I still enter a file for new ideas into scrivener as soon as I’m able after conceiving it, I no long start scratching madly with pencil and paper immediately.  I jot down all my initial thoughts on the idea in the file.  When I finally go back to that idea, my thoughts are revived by the original notes and most usually more thoughts bubble to the surface, the idea having been simmering on the back burner for a length of time.  I also have note pads and scrap paper in my purse, on all table and counter surfaces and even in my bed for jotting down ideas when they occur.  Even at work, if I have an idea while on a call with a customer, I jot it down on something that will make it home again so I can enter it.

For, The Kalaydan Chronicles: Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi, I have a thirty-page file with ideas and questions and other thoughts which occurred during the process of writing.  When I started on, Book II ~ The Training, I deleted anything which I didn’t need to carry forward and then saved it in the scrivener file for The Training.  It’s my to-do list.

. . . your idea has now formed into a complex system of layers that now must be slowly and carefully peeled back to reveal each and every delicate layer beneath.  From ‘I Have An Idea!‘ by Author Stephanie Laws.

Stepahie Laws’ experience with bringing an idea to full growth is not unlike my own experiences and thoughts on dealing with ideas.  Please stop in and read her well-written and informative article.

English: pg 13 of Gertie's sun flower

English: pg 13 of Gertie’s sun flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though with my very busy lifestyle, I find I may not be able to grapple with the pesky idea immediately and though set on the back burner for a time, I am able to work with the soil and nutrients at hand to encourage the idea forward into life and maturity.