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The Glossy Groove – September 1, 2012

I recently rearranged everything in my apartment. My stash of writing magazines surfaced in the process. So, while I was in the bookstore the other day, I picked up a copy of the October issue of Writers’s Digest. Many of the selections in this issue promise to be most useful.

The feature topic provides invaluable information on agents. Articles that caught my attention include, Ask the Agent, Your Complete Guide to Getting an Agent, Writer’s Workbook, and Literary Legends & Their Libations. I think it serendipitous that the catalyst to my recent reorganizing spree was delayed as long as it was, six years.

The interviewer for Ask the Agent plied Marcia Wernick, of Wernick and Pratt Agency, for information about her best writing conference encounter, dream client, best query, worst query, hardest lesson for writers to learn, and best publishing advice received. Being a novice writer, I am constantly on the lookout for good tips from writers or are connected with the publishing industry. I take away from the article which is most important to me is the knowledge that though my writing ability is raw and it’s in need of a great deal of refining, there’s a possibility my efforts will pay off if I stick to it.

I’ve not considered pimping my story to an agent or publisher as of yet; but, when I arrive at that stop on my writing journey, I’ll have been well equipped with the information provided in Your Complete Guide to Getting an Agent. A query letter isn’t something one writes without thought or effort. However, I feel confident that by using the information provided in the segment on writing a query letter, I will be able to do so effectively when I’m ready to. In the article, Your Agent Wish List, the names and information for twenty-five agents actively seeking new work are provided.

Not quite sure how to add a bit more umpf to your story? Does it need to become less ordinary? This issue’s Writer’s Workbook covers elements of building suspense within a story.

We all have techniques for seducing our muses. What did the writing greats drink to get those creative juices flowing? Literary Legends and Their Libations shares some of the cocktails used by noted writers to get their muses in a state of thorough inebriation and lacking inhibition. I’ve not heard of some of these cocktails, but they obviously worked, right? With which ones are you familiar.

I’m unable to take any college courses on creative writing and other subjects relevant to the the pursuit of a writing career. So, instead, I devour these bits of information and handy tips on writing so as to help myself move closer to the goal of becoming and writer. So, when you pick up your copy of October’s Writer’s Digest, feel free to stop in and comment on your favorite articles in October’s issue.