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Editing – The Task Which Shall Not Be Named

I edit from paper to computer file. Though I use Scrivener, an excellent writer’s composing and editing tool, I rarely edit initially in the file. Yeah, I kill a lot of trees, but I recycle. One practice which has helped me tremendously is to make a tic mark in the margin next to a line of prose which contains edits. I find I miss few revisions to be made as I’m transferring them over because the marks in the margin help me to keep track. I know to scan the line well to ensure I don’t miss anything.

This technique also helps me to stay focused as I’m moving through a document so I don’t miss text which needs to be revised. If I want to get an idea of how close to completion I am in the editing process, I flip through the document and assess the number of ticks I have on a page as well as corresponding changes to be made in a line. Many times rather than transfer edits after each pass, I’ll change the pen color I’m using and make another foray through the material to be revised.