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This entry is suitable for PG-13 audiences.

Two-Hundred Words Of Wisdom On Writing

As I’ve moved along in my writing endeavors for the last nine months or so, I’ve picked up a few things here and there on my own or from other writers which have helped me to become a better writer now than I was then.  My intent is to provide tips from which the novice writer (and perhaps a seasoned one or two) may benefit.

Sure, I’ve dabbled here and there with writing over the years, and my first efforts in the pursuit of putting pen to paper were with high school magazines, college writing clubs and a school newspaper or two.  I’ve entered and placed in  a couple of contests as well.  It isn’t until last Fall that I became serious about writing and found direction and purpose for those efforts.

The way has been rocky and the writing of The Moon-Kissed Chi proved a harsh school marm and demanding task master, but the results are well worth the labor.  I’ve had help and encouragement along the way so the trip hasn’t necessarily been lonely.  After the first battery of posts for this tag, I’ll post as time permits and material presents itself.

Please feel free to share any tips and information in your comments to the various posts.  I’d be interested to know if anything here benefits you in particular or if you find a novel way to use something I’ve done to facilitate your own writing efforts.  Questions?  Ask away and I’ll try to find answers or another reader may have an answer that works.