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The Writer’s Toolbox

In Stephen King’s, On Writing, one chapter resonates very strongly with me, “The Writers’ Toolbox”.  It makes sense that an author should have a toolbox, right?  It is important the toolbox be stocked with quality items and materials which are well maintained and updated regularly.

My Tool Box

   Current reference books – I’ve listed some of the ones I use in another post in this series.

   A good dictionary and a good thesaurus – when I’m mobile, I use dictionary.com from my Blackberry phone as it does well enough in a pinch.

   Work space (temporary or permanent) – I do have a desk at home from which I work but sometimes I work in bed.

   Patience, self-confidence, persistence – precious few new authors make it big over night.  These virtues stand me in good stead as I’m not of the writers who have made it big over night.

   Books on writing by other authors – a great resource from which to gain invaluable insights.

   Scrivener or other text-editing software – word pad and note pad and other similarly simple text editing programs are to limited for my needs as a writer.