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This entry is suitable for PG-13 audiences.

I get a lot done when I go to coffee.  The jolt of caffeine gets  my brain chugging along in a forward motion.  When I have a coffee day I get there when the café is just opening so I can snag my favorite table.  I then spend the next five to eight hours working on writing projects to include my books, stories and letters.

You may say that’s a long time to be out for coffee.  Well, it is, but I don’t get to do it very often.  I also people watch from time-to-time to gather intel for future characters and dialogue.  I practice describing people I see so I can better create visuals of my characters for the reader.

I find when I get to spend a chunk of time like this on writing, I come away refreshed and encouraged and ready to go out and create more mayhem on paper.  Another benefit is that one or more works in progress is further along towards completion.