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This entry is suitable for PG-13 audiences

Hone Basic Skills

   Grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling – these are the nails, staples, and glue holding the structure together.  The reception your writing receives from others can in part be driven by how well you’ve utilized these supplies.

   Proofreading and editing – many writers have someone to edit their work.  For those of us who don’t, it’s important to learn efficient and effective ways to ensure readable and sensible copy.  It’s tedious, time consuming, and altogether boring work, but your readers will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to polish your work.

   Read writing by other writers – this is a really good way to hone your skills.  You’ll come to recognize quality writing by reading the work of others who write well.

   Listen to people who speak well – hearing correct pronunciation and word usage is an effective way to increase vocabulary and improve spelling as well as increase facility with correct word usage.  When I hear a new word, I look it up in the dictionary  If I have trouble finding the word, I can usually find it by doing a browser search for the word spelled as best as I can.