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Being Organized Part IV – The Binder

I keep everything related to my writing in a binder.  The first page in the binder includes an index of works in progress and where I am on them.  I have alpha tabs and then I alphabetize dividers between them for each work in progress or informational item.

When I’m on the run I grab a few pages from the binder and a few blank sheets of lined paper and I’m good to go.  Many times I can get in a few words while I’m waiting in a doctor’s office, or waiting to eat in a restaurant, or sitting in my car going nowhere.  I also take my binder to work with me so I can work on things during periods of idleness.

I got this wonderful binder idea from a fellow writer who is really very organized and amazes me with how much work she gets done.  She writes in mainstream genres so she doesn’t have the added concern for people reading material left out on her desk.  Because of the nature of what I write, I have to be sure to tuck things away and close the binder when away from my desk.