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This entry is suitable for PG-13 audiences

Being Organized Part II – The Pieces Parts

The simplest part of organizing your writing is managing the pieces parts.  All the little parts which comprise your story can get away from you if you don’t have a system to keep track of them.  What I use is relatively simple.

When I started working on The Kalaydan Chronicles Book One, I started a to-do list.  Line items that were completed where formatted in bold.  Those items still needing attention were easy to spot because they weren’t in bold.  When I was wrapping up work on The Moon-Kissed Chi, I highlighted any remaining items which needed to be worked through for completion of the book then removed the highlighting when I was done with each item.

It’s easier to be consistent with characters if I keep a list of them with their names along with initial chapter of appearance, and a bit of their back story.  I also created a pronunciation key and a glossary to help me keep track of word meanings (as used in the story) and their spellings.  Keeping a summary of the various chapters helps me to manage sequences of events without variation.