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This entry is suitable for PG-13 audiences.

Being Organized Part I – Keeping Track Of Where You Are

I can’t stress enough the importance keeping track of your progress.  How far can a writer get if they have to take the time to figure out where they are when they arrive at the starting point?

I work between Scrivener, a hard copy, and hand-written copy.  My routine is to do all edits back to scrivener then file the hard copies.  I also add all handwritten material back to scrivener then print out another hard copy.  This helps me have an idea where I am along the storyline.  If I have hand-written copy in the binder (I’ll discuss the binder later) I know Scrivener isn’t the most up-to-date version.  If I have hard copy with edits then I know, as with the hand-written copy that the Scrivener file isn’t the latest version of my story.

Routine is key.  By establishing a routine and regular habits for my writing it has become easier to keep on top of things and make fewer mistakes.  Don’t think that spontaneity is discouraged; inspiration comes on its own time.